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Re: [IAC#RG] Demonetisation

Objective of demonetisation is - demonetisation. Decision was taken. Implementation process is ongoing. Many citizens - stood, still standing and surely will stand on long queues - to do what they decide to do. 

While appreciating the worries of many I still question the perception and the notion - that poor are getting affected. If they do - then they are affected by others around them. Example: if one gives a Rs. 2,000/ note to a vegetable seller then one surely is punishing the seller.

Every governmental decision needs to be scrutinized at all levels. Yet, once a decision is made then it needs execution. Governments have been blamed umpteenth time not have executed what they have planned. 

Citizens know how to cope with such governmental decisions and they are coping and taking this on their strides. Households need to be managed seamlessly and each household - including dissenters - are doing so seamlessly. 

Critiquing - strengthens one who is criticized. They enable ushering differential views and add to the body of questions that need to be reasoned to determine and conclude to decision making. 

My only request - to all learned subscribers to IAC platform - is - please share your own experience or share first hand experience of some one you yourself have heard and validated. 

Let us make this platform rich with shared experiences for a better future.

Amitava Sanyal 

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Date: 11-20-2016 11:12 AM (GMT-05:00)
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Subject: Re: [IAC#RG] Demonetisation

It is rather painful to sent intellectuals falling prey to professional political propaganda. If you are hard BJP cadre or sympathiser there is no issue. No amount of logic can convince you. I must mention here that BJP is apack of lies. Congress is no better. Please, please don't look at this politically. The objectives of demonetisation as claimed is as follows:
1. To eradicate graft ( corruption )
2. To bring out black money.
3. To counter terror funding
4. To counter drug money and
5. To nullify counterfeit currency.
To intention is lofty, laudable and succinct. But, what is reality? The money amassed as cash has become worthless. As gold and other forms remain. That too, old notes are converted into new and stashed. At 30% commission, new notes are available for old. We havyoue paved way for another source for black money. NO action on the corrupt; he didn't have a change of heart; he continues to take bribes; this time with 2000 rupee notes instead of the normal 1000 rupee notes! Check in any government office or RTO.
All who have had black money have converted it into White through as many means they had at their disposal. I can not enumerate all of them here. If you take village wise collection, you will be astonished.
Terror and drugs are international subjects. They do not deal in mundane Indian rupees.
By your action you have withdrawn 85% of the money from the economy. Middle and poor class are suffering. You have destroyed two tenets of modern society.
i ) Money in the bank is my own; I can draw it anytime and do whatever I want with it.
ii ) ATM is a machine where I can draw my money at any time.
How disgraceful! The deposits you claim to have collected are not black money, drug money or graft money. It is the poor man's savings. All White and legal. What rights you have to restrict my marriage expenses to 2.5 lakhs while witnessing a 500 crore wedding? Has BJP submitted its election expenses? I am not a congressman. I will never ever be. Watch what U.P. and others are going to verdict now.
By this stupid action, we have got into one more quagmire. No ATM can handle 100s,500s,1000s and 2000s notes at the same tlme. Regards

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Subject: Re: [IAC#RG] Demonetisation
From: LC M
To:,Gopalkrishnan iyer ,""

It is common knowledge that there is no single mechanism to handle corruption anywhere in the world. Demonetisations help for a while and thus has a useful role.
Few snags in implementation in a huge population and economy need not make us furious.
Government is serious and needs support of the people.

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On Friday, November 18, 2016, 10:21 AM, Gopalkrishnan iyer <> wrote:

Does it mean that   we should not adopt any measures to curb black and counterfeit money!!? Ok, the two earlier attempts, by people of different intelect  have not been successful and we do not know the extent of impact they had as the media was not advanced as it is today! Now let us see how we can support and fine tune the situation, having plunged into it, not possible to enquire with 1.3 billion about what could be the possible implications! Let us all prop up and support the government without praying and wishing for the failure of the government as it will be the failure of all of us!! At least this will help us learn how we could deal with the next time, should there be pile up of the evil of illegal mopney!!

On Friday, 18 November 2016 9:55 AM, "" <> wrote:

Demonetisation is perhaps the most stupid decision taken by the government. We have our reasons.
1. Two earlier demonetisations in 1946 & 1978 has not produced the desired results.
2. There is NO hard and fast rule that terrorism must be financed by local currency only.
3. It can not stop corruption as claimed. A corrupt official will continue to be corrupt no matter what the denomination is. Now they will demand more justifying the ' loss ' he has suffered in the move by Modiji.
4. For black money holders this is only a temporary set back. After all he didn't earn it with his sweat and blood. Black money is an outcome of a man's dishonesty. You can not curb it with cancellation of his black capital.
5. There is no incentive for being honest in India. Corrupt and dishonest amass wealth and power to rule over the honest and straight forward.
6. They should have arranged for alternative currency before declaring. For the last one week, banks were prevented from operating normally. ATMs work only partially before ' cash out '
7. How can the banks restrict me from drawing my own money purely owing to their folly?
8.Is it right to freeze 14.5 lakh crores to flush out 400 crores of counterfeit notes.
9. Check the price of gold, exchange rate of U.S. dollars. They are the real indicaters of prosperity.
10. Above all, the rulers know they have commitment a blunder; but do not have the humility to admit it.
Mark my words: nothing is going to change in 50 days. If at all, it will become much worse. Modiji can achieve nothing with the corrupt beaurocrats and politicians around him.

from Holly2 Plus

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Subject: Re: [IAC#RG] Demonetisation
From: LC M

I consider it unfortunate that an excellent scheme of the PM is criticised on flimsy grounds.
The scheme has halted progress of fake money and activities of terrorism and that by itself is a good achievement.

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On Thursday, November 17, 2016, 10:30 AM, rohit kumar Jha <> wrote:
Dear Sarabjit roy,

Let me ask you a simple question !!

How much black money u have lost out of Demonetisation???

or will be losing it....when 85% of the economic survey has voted with positive reply why only IAC is against it ....
Hope this is not the same arvind kejriwals aganda ....if this is the one then please let me know how to unsubscribe me.....

this is the real face of the people who fight for corruption just for the sake of improving corruption ....

I openly go against the language used by IAC member on our prime minister ... 

IAC's suggestion for Mr. Modi is as follows - FIRST PUT Rs. 15 ;lakhs into BANK ACCOUNT of every Indian, and then do whatever the f**k you want to do.

let me remind you people that government or BJP had never said that it will put 15 lAKHS ON EVERY account it was congress which had come out saying so ....please provide one video where Mr.modi has said that every account will have 15 lakhs .....

Shame on IAC ......its not india against corruption anymore ....its I am congress ......unsubscribe immediately or remove sarabjit roy from IAC 

Thank and regards 

Rohit Kumar  

On Wed, Nov 16, 2016 at 10:16 AM, Sarbajit Roy <> wrote:
We don't think that this is the time to focus on petty corruption or vague sectoral targeting when there are about 600 names constituting 80% of India's corruption in public domain

IAC has always believed that it is more important that investigative resources be focussed on big fish rather than dissipated over small fry.

It is self-evident that this latest demonetiiztion scam  is well planned by BJP to

a) Influence outcomes of elections in UP and Punjab

b) to distract from rampant corruption in BJP Govt at Centre and mega deals involving personal cronies of Mr. Modi

c) to subjugate the common people by showing them their true place in the scheme of things.

d) make massive money from OHD note replacement.

e) distract from Panama papers and other Wiki-leaked documents.

It is really funny to see all the spin doctors and apologists for Mr. Modi justifying why new notes ought not be pumped into the system and common man should be prepared to suffer in national interest while Mr. Modi is busy enjoying his (vegetarian) sushi in Japan.

IAC's suggestion for Mr. Modi is as follows - FIRST PUT Rs. 15 ;lakhs into BANK ACCOUNT of every Indian, and then do whatever the f**k you want to do.


On Wed, Nov 16, 2016 at 12:10 AM, Dr. Munish Raizada <> wrote:
Do not forget Doctors, jewllers.

On Nov 15, 2016 12:04 PM, "AK Bhattacharyya" < > wrote:
All energy should be directed towards the following categories of people 
2=Chartered Accountants 
3] Real Estate Dealers 
4]Quick rich Politicians
The mission should be professionally executed.
With kind regards 

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