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Re: [IAC#RG] PUBLIC NOTICE: India Against Corruption's stand on note demonetisation

Today,while in Que in Vasant Vihar ,a TV reporter came to me with the speaker mouthpiece,found me praising demonitisatio,too unpleasant,looking for some persons bad mouthing arrangements !
Today I withdrew cash without fuss. Senior citizen finding que for exchange,shortest, switched to that line,but tried to withdraw money ,once inside the HDFC bank...detected

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DESPITE facing  cash crunch, I do support the move.The govt should monitor round the clock the implementation of the scheme and ensure that the bank employees are given adequate overtime allowance since they are working hard at the cost of security to their lives.Money supply to the banks and post offices should be improved and it must not be overlooked that sowing season in northern India including Hariyana, Punjab and UP  has commenced. Their is shortage of funds.Some urgent steps must be taken there.Post offices and banks are both under staffed .Post offices should be asked to operate on Saturdays,Sundays and all Public Holidays for at least one month. The staffs .should be compensated later.
Most of the opposition parties are lampooning the scheme and further angering the affected people.Anyway, small traders should be provided enough cash of smaller currency notes and coins.Govt must  take note that vested interests are  not leave any stone unturned to fish in the troubled water by inciting the people through  false propaganda.
They have planted people near some banks to speak to TV and print media reporters.
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PK Chakravarty

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Subject: Re: [IAC#RG] PUBLIC NOTICE: India Against Corruption's stand on note demonetisation

A very good and bold stand and I very much appreciate and support wholeheartedly - I wish all the success to IAC

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Sent: Friday, 18 November 2016 3:03 PM
Subject: [IAC#RG] PUBLIC NOTICE: India Against Corruption's stand on note demonetisation

All India Against Corruption subscribers, and
the Public at Large

18 November 2016

PUBLIC NOTICE: India Against Corruption's stand on note demonetisation

After extended discussions on IAC's national and regonal networks, the INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION declares its position on the recent demonetisation scheme as follows:-

1) That the INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION fully supports the demonetisation of currency notes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 denominations announced on 8.Nov.2016, albeit it taking place 18 months after INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION had demanded this measure from RBI on 6.April.2015 due to rampant fake currency menace affecting common person.

2) That whereas INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION supports Mr. Narendra Modi's action in carrying out this massive financial exercise in secrecy by a few officers of integrity, INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION is equally concerned that some elements within Mr. Modi's party and Govt leaked the scheme thereby diluting its effect aganst the black-marketeers, FICN distributors and hawala operators.

3) That INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION is greatly concerned that aforesaid black-marketeers, FICN distributors and hawala operators are propping up anti-national forces to tap into the increasing public unrest against the poor execution of demonetization scheme on the ground.

4) That INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION is specifically concerned that haawla operators in the diamond, jewellery and beef export trades etc. which are massively dependent on FICN (fake Indian currency notes) are financing so-called "volunteer" forces to cause disturbances on the streets  INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION is especially concerned that IAC's name and impeccable goodwill will be infringed by these anti-national forces to tarnish IAC's reputation through fake volunteers actually from certain political parties opposed to demonetisation.

5) That INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION denounces Shri Anna Hazare for stooping so low to be regularly associating with anti-national forces who are connected to beef export rackets and hawala operators. INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION wonders who is actually controlling Shri. Anna Hazare that he is ignoring all the warnings and cautions which INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION is regularly sending to him at Anna's official email ID against associating with these anti-national forces.

6) That INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION advises its subscribers to be vigilant and report to us any instances of misuse of IAC's name and also the money laundering they observe through banking system, which IAC will report to concerned authorities.


Sarbajit Roy
National Convenor

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