Saturday, November 26, 2016

[IAC#RG] 're Shri Narasimhan's suggestion

I completely agree with this analysis. It hits the nail on the head. We must stop being a nation of liars, cheats and embezzlers.

This has to start with the rulers - politicians and bureaucrats. Appropriate agencies must investigate the illegally acquired assets of all IAS and provincial cadre gov't.servants and all politicians from the top to the bottom - BDOs, Patwaris, etc., and including panchayat heads and benami assets.

Indians need a new civic culture, a change of heart, a distaste for illegal activities which will, unfortunately, only come when the dishonest are found out, shamed and suitably punished, whatever their status. And we must give up the foolish belief that a dip in the holy Ganga or a gift to a god will wipe out the sins of kalpas of lying,  cheating, stealing, embezzling, and slowly killing children, women and the poor by embezzling their dues.

Joya Roy

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