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Re: [rti_india] Re: Another example of why Habibullah is a puppet for special interests.


Dear Sarbajit,
Section 4 " Title itself says "Obligations of Public authorities". So they need to do this if they are not doing it then they need to be pestered. It has various words, maintain, facilitate, reasonable time, computerised, connected through network, different systems.
If public authority does this, then people need not go for RTI for all records. Section 4(2) expects " It shall be a constant endeavour of every public authority to take steps........., so that the public have minimum resort to the use of this Act to obtain information.
So if Public Authority does not take such steps then we need your defined type of haramis to make non working Babus to work.
I can use any type of information seeking which ever is benificial to pocket. It is left to me which tea I should drink of 5 star or of Dhaba, which ever is feasible to my pocket. That is why RTI has made different types payment for getting Information. Let Public Authrity Change.
Yours in service for RTI
Bhaskar Prabhu

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Dear Bhaskar

1) Section 4(1)(a) does not make it obligatory for P/As to computerise the records. It enables them to do so if they are so inclined.

2) You can "request" information in form of diskettes only when it is stored on a computer or other device - not because the information is voluminous and would pinch your pocket.


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> Dear Sarbajit,
> I donot think Mr. Shekar Singh is unjust in asking in CD. In Section4(1)a it
> is obligatory for them to computarise the records, we also demand records in
> CD if it voluminous.
> Bhaskar

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