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Re: [rti_india] Re: Another example of why Habibullah is a puppet for special interests.


May I request our learned friends, to come down to earth and speak in simple language, to enable our lesser informed "citizen" / "aam admami" friends lurking in our group, who are getting confused with the flame war.


Wiki tells us that the word "computer" is as old as 1613! Perhaps the oldest form if computer is the abbacus. So is the slide rule we used in school. So instead of boring you with a long mail, check this link ;-)


Returning to Section 4(1)(a)  - "Every public authority shall ensure that all records that are
appropriate to be computerised are computerised ................."

Just how much data is actually in digital form? Most of the recent one are.


i) Building designs are orginally created in digital format using Autocad.
ii) Same is the case with other designs like bridges, roads, drainage, gardens etc.

iii) Orders - duty assignments, transfers, tours, contracts, purchases, auctions etc.

iv) Financial details - salary, pension, statement of accounts etc.


Perhaps the only data which might not be in digital format are vouchers like Bills (Telephone, Supplies etc), Air / Train tickets, communication from public / VIPs / other offices, audit objections, vigilance complaints etc. These naturally would not come under Section 4, and one could always request for them U/s 6.


Various PA have already digitized their pre-computer era data and uploaded them on website. Viz DoP&T has already uploaded its Manual of Office Procedure, CCA(CCA) Rules etc. The CVC and the Railways, besides other PA have uploaded their Vigilance Manuals / Compendiums. Some like the Ministry of Environment, Health, Home etc. have also uploaded various Act & Laws passed by the Parliament decades ago and continue to do so even today. Talk about free will.

So the bottom line is, since the majority of the data is already available in digital form all the PA needs to do is, catalogue them for easy retrival. If certain data is not in digital format but is available with another PA, they can ask for it. As for the remaining, they can digitize them, "if they are inclined".


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> "1) Section 4(1)(a) does not make it obligatory for P/As to computerise the
> records. It enables them to do so if they are so inclined.


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