Sunday, June 27, 2010

Re: [rti_india] Re: Another example of why Habibullah is a puppet for special interests.


Mr Sarbajit,

Do not agree to that interpretation.
Sec 4(1)(a) is preceded by a sentence containing the word "shall".

Therefore every public authority has to computerise :

- those records which are appropriate to be computerised
- within a reasonable time
- subject to availability of resources

Where did you get the "inclination" part from ?

It seems you are being influenced by IC ANT's famous (and absurd) order which said that the entire Sec 4 is not obligatory !

By the way, as far as funds (one of the "resources") are concerned, DoPT had issued a Memo way back in 2007, based on the recommendations of the second ARC, for specific provision in the budget for such a purpose.
Wonder whatever happened to that ?

Also remember, as per CIC (and quoted in a DoPT circular), a appellant/complainant can seek compensation from the PA, under Sec 19(8), if the PA has not adhered to the mandate in Sec 4(1)(a).
Anyone wants to try seeking compensation from CIC itself, on this count ?


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Dear Bhaskar

1) Section 4(1)(a) does not make it obligatory for P/As to computerise the records. It enables them to do so if they are so inclined.

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