Tuesday, April 28, 2015

[IAC#RG] Grievance re: GoNCTD's press release dt. 27.April.2015 on WiFi consultation


Dear Sir

I refer to the GoNCTD's press release titled as "DELHI DIALOGUE
CONSULTATION " dt. 27.April.2015


Kindly note and record my strong protest against any possible mention
anywhere that I voluntarily participated in any program / event in
which well known lobbyists associated with Delhi Dialogue Commission
are associated.

I additionally protest as follows, and which I request to be also
recorded:/ noted -

1) That I never responded to any communication or notice from Delhi
Dialogue Commission."DDG"

2) That I only responded to the public notice issued by Dept of
IT/GoNCTD in your title, which had no mention whatsoever of DDG.

3) That I strongly protest that I was called to an Aam Aadmi Party
function conducted in the auditorium of Delhi Sectt. Building under
the guise of being invited to an official GoNCTD consultation under
your aegis.

4) That I strongly protest at direct involvement of so-called
Parliamentary Secy. to Minister IT. one Shri Adarsh Shastri, in the
process, or that he was shown any paper filed by me. I firmly request
to be immediately provided a copy of Mr. Shastri's appointment order
and which details the source of power and his role and scope of work
within the Delhi Sectt building which houses the executive branch of
GoNCTD which solicited my inputs on WiFi in Delhi. As far as I know a
Parliamentary Secretary is usually not a Government Officer.

5) I may also mention that when I directly put it to Mr. Adarsh
Shastri what the role of the DDG was in the WiFi detailing process and
if it was akin to the National Advisory Council - "NAC", he publicly
replied this was beyond the scope of the consultation proceedings. I
therefore have every reason to doubt the Press Release and to be
properly informed on all aspects of the "WiFi in Delhi" implementation
process. As such kindly also preserve the video-graphic recordings of
the conference/consultation as the transparency and accountability
aspects of this matter are likely to be agitated by me further.

6) I would also request to be informed about the circumstances whereby
the following persons are associated with this WiFi project and in
what capacity, and if they have access to my inputs :

a) Mr. Nikhil Pahwa
b) Mr Mahesh Murthy
c) Mr. Pranesh Prakash

7) That a copy of the recommendations of the conference / consultation
be given to me immediately by return email, in the interest of full
transparency and openness.to stakeholders. I urge that if the IT Dept
was truly transparent abut the process being followed for the Free
WiFi scheme it would upload the entire file/s on the website suo-moto
now that the conference is concluded with a recommendation and release
all comments and proposals received/made as this is a MATTER OF WIDE

I would be obliged if an acknowledgement indicating time to action on
my instant grievance is given within 5 days, as per the Manual of
Procedure or any other standard the GoNCTD follows.


Sarbajit Roy
B-59 Defence Colony
New Delhi 110024

Tel: 08010205897

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