Friday, April 3, 2015

RE: [IAC#RG] Whither "rule of law" in AAP


Dear Mr. S. Roy,

I fully agree with your assessment of who all have latched on to AAP with strings attached to partake in the spoils of power.
Shantibhusanji with his long political experience was the first to back the new formation and lent it financial stability.
He was also the first to question AK  on the issue of ticket distribution on monetary considerations ignoring the criminal/anti social
background of the candidates.
Prashant Bhusan can and hopefully  will suplement his efforts by unearthing the financial irregularities in collection of funds by AAP
and expose wherever AK has gone wrong.
Prashant Bhusan has shown enough perseverance ,cool temperament  to see things to the logical conclusion.
I donot expect much from YY or Prof. Kumar. Profesors and teachers as a class apart as we have seen in case of Dr. MM also. But 
Advocates as intellectuals have strong political instinct. Lo0k at the number of Advocates who are successful politicians not to forget the stalwarts of preindependence era. 

Date: Thu, 2 Apr 2015 03:57:46 -0400
Subject: Re: [IAC#RG] Whither "rule of law" in AAP

Dear Editor

The Times of India

This refers to article 'Can Intellectuals Be Netas?' by Sagarika Ghose (TOI April 1, 2015) where Sagarika has wrongly believed first that Yogendra Yadav, Prashant Bhushan [and also Anand Kumar, Ajit Jha, Adm (Ret) Ramdas etc] have finally lost the battle to Arvind Kejariwal in AAP and secondly that Arvind Kejariwal is not an intellectual.

Sagarika could not understand that  Yogendra & Bhushan have been losing the battle so far due to two reasons :-

(i)- Despite being Professor of Political Science who knows xyz of Politics Yogendra does not know abcd of politics - that without killer (a will and desire to always win and never lose) instinct, nobody can succeed or even survive in politics. Yogendra doesn't understand that politics is not for saints because it require will to use fury of State (which is law) to get justice to victims against powerful & criminal vested interests and which is possible only when politician (on the side of victim) has killer-instinct and on the right side of the law.

(ii)- In modern age (where meritocracy and so-called middle class are dominating politics all over the world, which AAP movement essentially is) it is not merely democracy (which invariably degenerates into majoritism) but essentially 'rule of law' which is the guiding principle of modern politics. But Prashant despite being Supreme Court Advocate who knows xyz of law doesn't know abcd of law (which is State) and does not have faith in 'rule of law' (and instead relying for relief on unnecessary AAP meeting on April 14, 2015)

It is evident from the following facts:-

(1)- Everybody knows (even Prashant said so during TV interviews) that  if they go to court then illegal National Council meeting on March, 28, illegal proceeding of this NC meeting, illegal resolution of this illegal meeting, illegal removal of  Internal Lok Pal Adm Ramdas etc can be declared null and void. But these worthies  Yogendra Yadav, Prashant Bhushan (and also Anand Kumar, Ajit Jha, Adm Ramdas etc) for the reasons best known to them only instead of going to court (and to Election Commission) have preferred not only to suffer humiliation, disgrace and defeat but are also making the AAP political experiment / revolution (for the benefit of ~1.25 billion people of India) a failure.

(2)- The internal fight of AAP came to this ugly pass due to simple reason that its Constitution is not properly drafted hence it became unworkable. I wrote letter to AAP and its office bearers & members and others on March 2, 2015 with subject 'Prashant & Yogendra should improve Party Constitution' where in addition to other points I suggested that ordinary members should also be given right to vote (may be one in comparison to 2 or more for active members).

Active members of any party are required to fight against injustice hence giving voting rights to only active members has reduced AAP to merely a fighting machine, which remains in permanently-fighting mode if not with outsiders then with insiders. Here it is pertinent to add, even if Yogendra, Prashant etc win this battle by going to court & EC they will not win the war and will again face similar problems in future unless they make AAP Constitution workable.

One thing is very good in AAP that its both the warring camps (Kejariwal etc on one side and Yogendra, Prashant etc on other side)  are not alienated permanently and once (instead of calling unnecessary meeting on April 14, 2015) yogendra , Prashant etc file petition in Court / EC and amend Party constitution, the AAP will again start working vibrantly and in a way which will fulfill the expectations of the people of India which they had from AAP and which they still have not lost completely.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of 'Betrayal of Americanism')

Bengaluru, (Karnataka) India

On Thu, Apr 2, 2015 at 2:56 AM, Sarbajit Roy <> wrote:
Respected Sir / Shanti Bhushan ji

Although it is not proper for IAC to comment on AAP's internal
affairs, let me convey my personal dissatisfaction with the uncouth
manner in which allegations were made against you personally in the
recent events in your party.

A party which has no respect for the clear wording of its own
Constitution has no business being in power if it cannot adhere to its
own declared principles and procedures.

Although I shall not comment on Admiral Ramdas, I am certainly
concerned about the manner in which our Brahmic sister Ms.Ilina Sen
was also removed as party National Lokpal in some kind of coup.

As my complaint against Mr. Mayank Gandhi was made to Ms. Sen last
year and she is apparently not keeping well these days, I would have
expected that somebody with good sense in AAP would have suggested the
nationally and internationally famous name of her husband Dr. Binayak
Sen in her place and by an outgoing Lokpal's nomination. In any case
the terms of the initial AAP Lokpals could not have been less than 4
and 5 years respectively as they are eligible for reappointment at
their own request.

In these present circumstances of Land Acquisition Bill and tribal
rights, association of equanimous persons like Dr. Binayak Sen would
be very valuable to any new emergent formations in Aam Aadmi Party,
and lend it credibility and a new dimension in maturity.

It would not be out of place for me to say that association of so many
opportunistic "johnny come latelies" into Aam Aadmi Party after Team
Arvind's political ambitions were exposed on 2 August 2012 at Ram Lila
grounds, is the root cause of the present situation. Starting from
rootless wonders like Yogendra Yadav, Ashutosh etc. who attached
themselves to the andolan only to share future political spoils and
act as fixers and deal makers.

Sir, you and your son Prashant are uniquely placed to correct the Aam
Aadmi Party's course and align it to our andolan's original missions,
if you choose your allies carefully and proceed wisely.


Sarbajit Roy
for India Against Corruption

On 4/2/15, Shanti Bhushan <> wrote:
> Thanks .
> Sent from my iPad
>> On 02-Apr-2015, at 2:14 am, Sarbajit Roy <> wrote:
>> Respected Sir / Shanti Bhushan ji
>> This is an internal IAC matter related to certain persons in AAP's
>> internet PR team/s who hacked IAC's websites in 2012 and in Dec 2014
>> misused certain of those stolen digital assets of IAC to raise money
>> in IAC's name / Arvind's photo using a prominent US-based internet
>> website with banner ads requesting donations into a numbered Swiss
>> Bank a/c.
>> IAC is not saying, presently, that Arvind is involved in it. In fact
>> somebody from AAP had then written to the US website clarifying that
>> only I and/or my 2 IAC co-convenors are now the competent and
>> appropriate persons to prosecute for IAC and represent IAC.
>> Accordingly we had taken the matter forward in an "arbitration" in
>> Switzerland, which is now in India due to the cyber crimes of
>> "hacking" for wrongful gain. etc.. I cannot share the specifics for
>> obvious reasons as we want the culprits to be nabbed and exposed -
>> plus we are not in any hurry and we are not inclined to go rushing to
>> the media either since a connected matter probably involving the same
>> Indian hackers was reported in NEWSWEEK last week for the same US
>> website in a matter involving eminent Indian persons like, say, Mr.
>> Kamal Nath's businesses in Ghaziabad or Mr. Ashok Chauhan's businesses
>> in Ghaziabad.
>> Sincerely
>> Sarbajit Roy
>>> On 4/1/15, Shanti Bhushan <> wrote:
>>> Can we know the detailed facts about the Swiss bank account that you
>>> have
>>> referred to.
>>> Sent from my iPad
>>>> On 31-Mar-2015, at 3:52 pm, Sarbajit Roy <> wrote:
>>>> Dear Mr. Jain
>>>> As you know IAC is deeply committed to secularism and socialism. Our
>>>> former comrades who set up AAP also professed to similar ideals and
>>>> ideology. However, there was deep disagreement between us over a)
>>>> joining politics, b) Lokpal, c) personality based movements.
>>>> That with all political parties now exposing themselves to be corrupt
>>>> and personality based, and also since Lokpal has been sidelined/put in
>>>> cold storage, the parameters for any united citizen movement will have
>>>> to be redrawn, and we are engaged in exploring that with like-minded
>>>> persons  groups.
>>>> Initially in Sept 2013 IAC had thought we would focus on RTI movement
>>>> and reviving it - but that is now out of the question. After that
>>>> there was an agitation against Land Acquisition Act - but we inquired
>>>> and found that the persons behind the agitation were mostly the usual
>>>> professional foreign financed anti-national NGO haramis acting for
>>>> certain political parties or corporates, so we could not associate
>>>> with them.
>>>> The latest developments in AAP indicate "cleansing" and "reevaluation"
>>>> in both AAP's camps. AAP has effectively split.
>>>> Every grassroot worker and "son of the soil" knows if an earthworm is
>>>> cut into 2 portions, the "head" can grow a tail and the "tail" can
>>>> also grow a head - and both can continue to fertilise the soil by
>>>> their shitting and aeration. Accordingly, I shall not comment on
>>>> Arvind's Biblical allusions to King Solomon made in his speech.
>>>> I can assure you and everybody else:-
>>>> a) That IAC's name and banners will not be used, or allowed to be
>>>> used, for any new formation unless it is unquestionably essential in
>>>> the national interest,
>>>> b) That IAC will be apolitical,
>>>> c) That IAC will be secular,
>>>> d) That IAC will be "anti-colonial",
>>>> e) That IAC will respect and observe 'Hindutva', ie. Indian-ness
>>>> f) That IAC will henceforth never again be placed in a situation where
>>>> the body has more than 1 head.
>>>> We shall also not deviate from our IAC Manifesto or our IAC Code of
>>>> Conduct, or at least not without wide and honest internal debate and
>>>> discussion.
>>>> NB: We defend IAC's name very strictly and vigorously. We have just
>>>> fought a massive 3 month long legal battle in Switzerland after IAC's
>>>> name was superimposed with Arvind Kejriwal's photo on an Internet
>>>> Website in December 2014 to raise hundreds of thousands of Dollars
>>>> into a numbered Swiss Bank Account by some anonymous persons clearly
>>>> linked to AAP and very close to Arvind. After the conclusion of this
>>>> matter, on 13 March 2015 we have filed a formal complaint before the
>>>> designated special court in India requesting for the ACB to unmask
>>>> these people with assistance of Cyber Controller of Govt of India.
>>>> So nowadays those people formerly associated with us should not take
>>>> our earlier hospitality and openness for granted.
>>>> Sarbajit
>>>>> On 3/31/15, Hemraj Jain <> wrote:
>>>>> Dear Mr. Sarbajit Roy
>>>>> Can you please clarify about what you said  that -"[The clarity from
>>>>> IAC may emerge through a new front in say August 2015]"
>>>>> Are you thinking to float a new front ? Will it be political or social
>>>>> in nature ? Will you launch website for this front ?
>>>>> Regards
>>>>> Hem Raj Jain
>>>>> (Author of 'Betrayal of Americanism')
>>>>> Bengaluru, (Karnataka) India
>>>>>> On Mon, Mar 30, 2015 at 3:13 PM, Sarbajit Roy <>
>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>> Dear Gaur ji
>>>>>> The facts on what happened in 2011-2012 for IAC have been repeated
>>>>>> ad-nauseam and with different versions depending on who you speak to.
>>>>>> Between Oct 2012 and Aug 2013 we simply could not take the IAC
>>>>>> movement forward due to confusion in the public mind. We therefore
>>>>>> established our new model where we would wait for the inevitable
>>>>>> outcome of AAP unfolding.
>>>>>> We were always very clear since about 2012 that BJP would rule in
>>>>>> Centre and AAP would rule in Delhi. We knew this because of our deep
>>>>>> study of how Ambani camp works and certain signals emanating from
>>>>>> Congress that they were doing everything to prevent a BJP landslide.
>>>>>> In fact the AAP's first 28/70 seats in Delhi were a "gift" from
>>>>>> Congress.
>>>>>> If you note it carefully, we had pointed out AAP's Reliance and TATA
>>>>>> links at the same time we called them A team and B team of Cong/BJP
>>>>>> respectively. We continue to hold that view and see no reason to
>>>>>> change it.
>>>>>> The clarity from IAC may emerge through a new front in say August
>>>>>> 2015. My 'aakas' now trust my opinions more than in say 2010 when I
>>>>>> "withdrew" from active IAC work. But it is very difficult for others
>>>>>> to work with us as we are unbending and uncompromising on our core
>>>>>> values.
>>>>>> Unfortunately what is now also happening, is that with "halo" of both
>>>>>> NaMo and AK getting tarnished, Rahul Gandhi is looking good in
>>>>>> comparison .. at least to many many Muslims .. and it seems the BJP
>>>>>> wants this too ;-)
>>>>>> Sarbajit
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