Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Re: [IAC#RG] India against Corruption wants pictures of other freedomfighters on currency notes

first do away corruption the main purpose of u r institution than only 2nd thought.

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Economic Times reports a very interesting development in AAP politics, Kejriwal abandons Gandhigiri and chooses the confrontational path of Bhagat Singh.


India against Corruption wants pictures of other freedom fighters on currency notes

IAC  has proposed a new series of currency notes to counter fake currency in circulation. Proposal has been sent to RBI to honour freedom fighters


By NIDHI SHARMA, ET Bureau | 7 Apr, 2015, 01.22AM IST

NEW DELHI: India Against Corruption, which was an umbrella initiative for anti-corruption crusade and Lokpal campaign, has decided to start a "No Gandhi" campaign against counterfeit currency. In its first major campaign after Lokpal, when Arvind Kejriwal had led a splinter group to start Aam Aadmi Party, India Against Corruption has proposed a new series of currency notes to counter fake currency in circulation. IAC has sent a proposal to RBI to introduce currency notes honouring other Indian other Indian heroes of the Independence movement. IAC has proposed that Rs 100 denomination notes with Mahatma Gandhi series be replaced by images of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Rs 500 notes with Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj image, Rs 1,000 notes with Rabindranath Tagore image and Rs 200 with Tipu Sultan series.

Speaking to ET, IAC national convenor Sarbajit Roy said, "This is not a suggestion or representation but a formal request from IAC movement for grievance redressal to safeguard the integrity of the Indian state. In case RBI does not take steps to address these concerns, we would stop accepting the currency notes in circulation and start a "No Gandhi" movement.

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