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This incident is an unfortunate culmination of a long scam where both the State and Central Govt. have been involved in supporting the smugllers in felling and export of Red Sanders or Red Sandalwood trees in Andhra.
A fit case to be taken to SC to unravel the truth of the whole issue.

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                                                                              BARBARIC  KILLING  OF  TWENTY  WORKERS  BY A P POLICE

It is extremely disturbing to know that 20 persons who are poor and unskilled were  shot down by A P police , as they were reported to be cutting down  red sanders  in Andhra Pradesh. It is said that these poor workers were employed by  smugglers,  rowdies and thugs , who obviously have political connections and some of them may be active politicians too.  These workers who were shot down for committing the lawless activity, might not have even known that they were breaking the law. It is said that such illegal activities have been going on for long time and it is extremely difficult to believe that the police , senior officials and politicians belonging to various political parties do not know as to who were the persons  behind such acts.

Police say that they have shot down the workers , as they were attacking the police and police acted in self defence. Can anyone believe this ? With superior arms , intelligence services at their command and vehicle facilities and strength of number , police could have easily surrounded them and arrested them.

However, is it  possible that police were more interested in shooting them down to finish them once for all  to put down such activities, rather than arresting them to find the men behind the act who have sent the workers to cut the trees.

As usual, the government will order an enquiry and the opposition will demand that the investigation should be given to CBI.  There will be lot of debate in TV and media as to who should conduct the enquiry.   After some time, the government will  provide compensation to the victims and claim that it has done it's job. Twenty poor families with wife and children will suffer life long .However, the country will forget them soon and media  will wait for next  such episode.

In the early days of independence, when Indian politicians were more responsible and conscious of their duties , they would have resigned if such things were to have happened at that time. Today, things have deteriorated to such an extent that people often find it difficult to distinguish between criminals and politicians.

Killing of twenty poor workers certainly will disturb the conscience of millions of  fair minded and good Indians , though it may not be so in the case of most politicians at various levels.

Can we expect the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh to own responsibility  and resign and face an enquiry  ? Is such standard too much to ask for in today's India?

Will Mr. Narendra Modi  , the Prime Minister who is ultimately responsible for all good and bad things, condemn  this disturbing killings in unequivocal terms and share the sentiments of millions of Indians ,though Andhra Pradesh is now ruled by his ally?  


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