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Re: [IAC#RG] Whither "rule of law" in AAP

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> On 02-Apr-2015, at 12:26 pm, Sarbajit Roy <> wrote:
> Respected Sir / Shanti Bhushan ji
> Although it is not proper for IAC to comment on AAP's internal
> affairs, let me convey my personal dissatisfaction with the uncouth
> manner in which allegations were made against you personally in the
> recent events in your party.
> A party which has no respect for the clear wording of its own
> Constitution has no business being in power if it cannot adhere to its
> own declared principles and procedures.
> Although I shall not comment on Admiral Ramdas, I am certainly
> concerned about the manner in which our Brahmic sister Ms.Ilina Sen
> was also removed as party National Lokpal in some kind of coup.
> As my complaint against Mr. Mayank Gandhi was made to Ms. Sen last
> year and she is apparently not keeping well these days, I would have
> expected that somebody with good sense in AAP would have suggested the
> nationally and internationally famous name of her husband Dr. Binayak
> Sen in her place and by an outgoing Lokpal's nomination. In any case
> the terms of the initial AAP Lokpals could not have been less than 4
> and 5 years respectively as they are eligible for reappointment at
> their own request.
> In these present circumstances of Land Acquisition Bill and tribal
> rights, association of equanimous persons like Dr. Binayak Sen would
> be very valuable to any new emergent formations in Aam Aadmi Party,
> and lend it credibility and a new dimension in maturity.
> It would not be out of place for me to say that association of so many
> opportunistic "johnny come latelies" into Aam Aadmi Party after Team
> Arvind's political ambitions were exposed on 2 August 2012 at Ram Lila
> grounds, is the root cause of the present situation. Starting from
> rootless wonders like Yogendra Yadav, Ashutosh etc. who attached
> themselves to the andolan only to share future political spoils and
> act as fixers and deal makers.
> Sir, you and your son Prashant are uniquely placed to correct the Aam
> Aadmi Party's course and align it to our andolan's original missions,
> if you choose your allies carefully and proceed wisely.
> Godspeed
> Sarbajit Roy
> for India Against Corruption
>> On 4/2/15, Shanti Bhushan <> wrote:
>> Thanks .
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>>> On 02-Apr-2015, at 2:14 am, Sarbajit Roy <> wrote:
>>> Respected Sir / Shanti Bhushan ji
>>> This is an internal IAC matter related to certain persons in AAP's
>>> internet PR team/s who hacked IAC's websites in 2012 and in Dec 2014
>>> misused certain of those stolen digital assets of IAC to raise money
>>> in IAC's name / Arvind's photo using a prominent US-based internet
>>> website with banner ads requesting donations into a numbered Swiss
>>> Bank a/c.
>>> IAC is not saying, presently, that Arvind is involved in it. In fact
>>> somebody from AAP had then written to the US website clarifying that
>>> only I and/or my 2 IAC co-convenors are now the competent and
>>> appropriate persons to prosecute for IAC and represent IAC.
>>> Accordingly we had taken the matter forward in an "arbitration" in
>>> Switzerland, which is now in India due to the cyber crimes of
>>> "hacking" for wrongful gain. etc.. I cannot share the specifics for
>>> obvious reasons as we want the culprits to be nabbed and exposed -
>>> plus we are not in any hurry and we are not inclined to go rushing to
>>> the media either since a connected matter probably involving the same
>>> Indian hackers was reported in NEWSWEEK last week for the same US
>>> website in a matter involving eminent Indian persons like, say, Mr.
>>> Kamal Nath's businesses in Ghaziabad or Mr. Ashok Chauhan's businesses
>>> in Ghaziabad.
>>> Sincerely
>>> Sarbajit Roy
>>>> On 4/1/15, Shanti Bhushan <> wrote:
>>>> Can we know the detailed facts about the Swiss bank account that you
>>>> have
>>>> referred to.
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>>>>> On 31-Mar-2015, at 3:52 pm, Sarbajit Roy <> wrote:
>>>>> Dear Mr. Jain
>>>>> As you know IAC is deeply committed to secularism and socialism. Our
>>>>> former comrades who set up AAP also professed to similar ideals and
>>>>> ideology. However, there was deep disagreement between us over a)
>>>>> joining politics, b) Lokpal, c) personality based movements.
>>>>> That with all political parties now exposing themselves to be corrupt
>>>>> and personality based, and also since Lokpal has been sidelined/put in
>>>>> cold storage, the parameters for any united citizen movement will have
>>>>> to be redrawn, and we are engaged in exploring that with like-minded
>>>>> persons groups.
>>>>> Initially in Sept 2013 IAC had thought we would focus on RTI movement
>>>>> and reviving it - but that is now out of the question. After that
>>>>> there was an agitation against Land Acquisition Act - but we inquired
>>>>> and found that the persons behind the agitation were mostly the usual
>>>>> professional foreign financed anti-national NGO haramis acting for
>>>>> certain political parties or corporates, so we could not associate
>>>>> with them.
>>>>> The latest developments in AAP indicate "cleansing" and "reevaluation"
>>>>> in both AAP's camps. AAP has effectively split.
>>>>> Every grassroot worker and "son of the soil" knows if an earthworm is
>>>>> cut into 2 portions, the "head" can grow a tail and the "tail" can
>>>>> also grow a head - and both can continue to fertilise the soil by
>>>>> their shitting and aeration. Accordingly, I shall not comment on
>>>>> Arvind's Biblical allusions to King Solomon made in his speech.
>>>>> I can assure you and everybody else:-
>>>>> a) That IAC's name and banners will not be used, or allowed to be
>>>>> used, for any new formation unless it is unquestionably essential in
>>>>> the national interest,
>>>>> b) That IAC will be apolitical,
>>>>> c) That IAC will be secular,
>>>>> d) That IAC will be "anti-colonial",
>>>>> e) That IAC will respect and observe 'Hindutva', ie. Indian-ness
>>>>> f) That IAC will henceforth never again be placed in a situation where
>>>>> the body has more than 1 head.
>>>>> We shall also not deviate from our IAC Manifesto or our IAC Code of
>>>>> Conduct, or at least not without wide and honest internal debate and
>>>>> discussion.
>>>>> NB: We defend IAC's name very strictly and vigorously. We have just
>>>>> fought a massive 3 month long legal battle in Switzerland after IAC's
>>>>> name was superimposed with Arvind Kejriwal's photo on an Internet
>>>>> Website in December 2014 to raise hundreds of thousands of Dollars
>>>>> into a numbered Swiss Bank Account by some anonymous persons clearly
>>>>> linked to AAP and very close to Arvind. After the conclusion of this
>>>>> matter, on 13 March 2015 we have filed a formal complaint before the
>>>>> designated special court in India requesting for the ACB to unmask
>>>>> these people with assistance of Cyber Controller of Govt of India.
>>>>> So nowadays those people formerly associated with us should not take
>>>>> our earlier hospitality and openness for granted.
>>>>> Sarbajit
>>>>>> On 3/31/15, Hemraj Jain <> wrote:
>>>>>> Dear Mr. Sarbajit Roy
>>>>>> Can you please clarify about what you said that -"[The clarity from
>>>>>> IAC may emerge through a new front in say August 2015]"
>>>>>> Are you thinking to float a new front ? Will it be political or social
>>>>>> in nature ? Will you launch website for this front ?
>>>>>> Regards
>>>>>> Hem Raj Jain
>>>>>> (Author of 'Betrayal of Americanism')
>>>>>> Bengaluru, (Karnataka) India
>>>>>>> On Mon, Mar 30, 2015 at 3:13 PM, Sarbajit Roy <>
>>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>>> Dear Gaur ji
>>>>>>> The facts on what happened in 2011-2012 for IAC have been repeated
>>>>>>> ad-nauseam and with different versions depending on who you speak to.
>>>>>>> Between Oct 2012 and Aug 2013 we simply could not take the IAC
>>>>>>> movement forward due to confusion in the public mind. We therefore
>>>>>>> established our new model where we would wait for the inevitable
>>>>>>> outcome of AAP unfolding.
>>>>>>> We were always very clear since about 2012 that BJP would rule in
>>>>>>> Centre and AAP would rule in Delhi. We knew this because of our deep
>>>>>>> study of how Ambani camp works and certain signals emanating from
>>>>>>> Congress that they were doing everything to prevent a BJP landslide.
>>>>>>> In fact the AAP's first 28/70 seats in Delhi were a "gift" from
>>>>>>> Congress.
>>>>>>> If you note it carefully, we had pointed out AAP's Reliance and TATA
>>>>>>> links at the same time we called them A team and B team of Cong/BJP
>>>>>>> respectively. We continue to hold that view and see no reason to
>>>>>>> change it.
>>>>>>> The clarity from IAC may emerge through a new front in say August
>>>>>>> 2015. My 'aakas' now trust my opinions more than in say 2010 when I
>>>>>>> "withdrew" from active IAC work. But it is very difficult for others
>>>>>>> to work with us as we are unbending and uncompromising on our core
>>>>>>> values.
>>>>>>> Unfortunately what is now also happening, is that with "halo" of both
>>>>>>> NaMo and AK getting tarnished, Rahul Gandhi is looking good in
>>>>>>> comparison .. at least to many many Muslims .. and it seems the BJP
>>>>>>> wants this too ;-)
>>>>>>> Sarbajit
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