Monday, April 27, 2015

[IAC#RG] Urgent Submission re: upload of responses to OTT Services Paper No. 2/2015

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India

By Email

Kind Attn: Advisor/QoS, cc: Dr. Rahul Khullar, Sh. S.Gupta/Secy-TRAI,
Dr. Gulshan Rai/DEITY.

Dear Sirs,

I congratulate the TRAI for uploading all the responses received from
stakeholders for the consultation subject paper, along with the email
IDs of the senders.

I have perused the same and observe that there are numerous fake email
IDs and fictitious names being used to submit the responses to this
paper. I believe that several offences have been committed under IT
Act 2000 by sending these emails which squarely fall under scope of
section 66-A of IT Act 2000 and also the Indian Penal Code. (NB: The
said section continues to be on the stature books notwithstanding the
recent judgement of the Hon'ble Supreme Court, as I am given to
understand that the UoI plans to appeal it and the judgement has not
achieved finality).

I have come to know that the core persons behind this exercise of
spamming the TRAI's consultation paper are members of an Aam Aadmi
Party "task force" for providing internet services in Delhi which is
affiliated to the "Delhi Dialogue Commission". Many of these same
persons had also fanned a campaign to assail section 66-A of IT Act
2000 as "draconian" and which involved funding from overseas online
gambling interests and so as to get the "Information Technology
Intermediaries Guideline Rules 2011", regulatory regime disabled.

In these circumstances, as an aggrieved person and stakeholder, I am
requesting that the TRAI, as owner of the affected computer systems/
networks, immediately turn this matter over to the Cyber Crime Cell of
Delhi Police so as to identify and prosecute the persons and
intermediaries and IP addresses behind this criminal conspiracy which
systematically and deliberately spammed a public regulatory process
with fictitious and false email messages so as to cause annoyance,
inconvenience, obstruction, hatred, ill will,enmity etc.

I am especially aggrieved as follows:-

a) Because the reasoned responses I submitted on 19-April-2015 on
behalf of "India Against Corruption" have been lumped together with
these spam responses.

b) Because the reasoned responses I submitted on 24-April-2015 on
behalf of "National Campaign for Political Reform in India" have been
lumped together with these spam responses.

c) Because the TRAI has segregated out for preferential treatment and
publication the responses received from the Telecom Services Providers
so as to favour them. It is self-evident that this has been done

d) Because the TRAI has deliberately buried my responses because they
contained trenchant fair criticism directed at the TRAI and certain

e) Because the TRAI has deliberately not placed my aforesaid responses
with those from other associations of stakeholders, so that the public
shall not counter-comment on it.

So hence I request that my responses, and those of other associations
of persons similarly placed, be also prominently published so that
counter-comments may be received. And the same may be done urgently.

Furthermore, the time to file counter-comments may be extended as it
is physically impossible for smaller stakeholders to file their
counters under these circumstances of criminal conspiracy to derail
the regulatory process.

NB: I have good reason to believe that a large number of these emails
to TRAI have originated via forms on the .IN domain name
"" which is registered to "Pranesh Prakash" of
"Centre for Internet and Security " as per the WHOIS records

Registrant Name:Pranesh Prakash
Registrant Organization:Centre for Internet and Society
Registrant Street1:194, 2-C Cross,
Registrant Street2:Domlur 2nd Stage
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:Bengaluru
Registrant State/Province:Karnataka
Registrant Postal Code:560071

I also have reason to believe that this Registrant Society is funded
by / is a proxy for overseas online gambling interests, and this will
independently emerge in any inquiry.


Sarbajit Roy

National Convenor
India Against Corruption
B-5 Defence Colony
New Delhi 110024.

Mob: 08010205897

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