Saturday, April 4, 2015

Re: [IAC#RG] A simple question

I entirely agree.

I think most "civil servants" are no longer 'civil' nor  'servants', the system has been wholly compromised by the shenanigans of the many corrupt ministers or so called leaders over the last many years, so that they have turned the IAS/IPS cadres and many other institutions into a powerful monster organisation, more powerful than the Generals of the Pakistani Army who are a law onto themselves. They fear no one. 

Is it possible that a total outsider can pretend to be part of the IAS Academy and illegally attend there for months and months without being exposed? All this is part of the "chalta Hai" fostered by these babus.
Is it a joke that I read this morning's TOI where I learn that 5000 files have been forwarded and heaped on the PM's desk?
Is it a joke that the Supreme Court time and again admonishes the officers for their whishy washy effort in the affairs of state?
Is it a joke that these officers are implicated in scams and illegal dealings and exposed almost everyday?
Is it a joke that almost every retired IAS officers earns more after retirement due to being assigned on various government committees?

I agree --to bring them down from their high perch will take a great deal of effort and will not happen without public angst!

Vijay Shivdasani

On Sat, Apr 4, 2015 at 12:34 PM, Anil Jain <> wrote:
Dear All,
As a citizen of India , I have a simple question to ask.
Why cant we have a drive to push the Government to fix up the accountability with stringent action against defaulters of the Public Servants including the Politicians and Bureaucrats.

If job executed is not of the standard and finishing, why aren't the concerned authority is punished as  it is prevalent in Private sector.
Why a Government Servant consider his job as a life time job without the fear of Pink Slip due to his inefficiencies and lack of commitment towards his/her job.
Anil jain

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