Monday, December 27, 2010

[HumJanenge] Re: Is the NCPRI dead ??

Last week I had enquired if the NCPRI was dead. Their response to the
DoPT's draft Rules show that that they are certainly brain dead and
the sooner the plug is pulled on Aruna Roy's corrupt little flying
circus the better.

But first the facts.

On the 13th of Dec 2010 a meeting was held of the NAC's RTI
sub-committee. Experts like Dr.Shekhar Singh (Google representative),
Mr Wajahat Habibullah (of the World Bank) Ms Anjali Bhadwaj (another
World Bank employee) etc. were paid the royal sum of Rs. 3,300 each in
addition to taxi fare for their time.(If you didn't get the money,
'babu' forged a voucher made out to you). RTI activists like Commodore
(Retd) Lokesh Batra made their own way to the venue.

This is what this bunch of jokers came up with

" Information Commissions should have complete freedom to select its
staff and allocate work and responsibility"

"Order of Commission should be announced in open court"

"We also request the Ministry to provide more time for citizens to
provide feedback on these rules. One of the reasons is the fact that
mails being sent to the email id provided by the DoPT for feedback
( have been bouncing back. Further this will also
give us more time to work on some positive measures which will
strengthen the RTI Act."

"Applicants can file complaints under Section 18(1) without having to
file first appeal"

"There should be no time limit to file complaints with the Information

"A participatory and transparent process should be outlined for short
listing potential candidates for appointment as Information

"Rules for the functioning of Information Commissions including those
under Section 12(4) should be formulated after a consultative process"

"Rules should be formulated to ensure compliance of orders of
Information Commissions"

"Rules should make provisions for penalties to be noted in the PIO's
service record"

"Procedures to access information due to threat to life and liberty,
and on allegation of corruption or human rights violations (Section
24) by organizations exempted under Schedule II"

Note: that none of these matters are covered by or affected by the
DoPT's proposed Rules.

What the NAC (the NCPRI in drag) is actually doing is drawing the
attention of the Govt to effective pro-citizen provisions which should
be plugged by amending the RTI Act / RTI Rules.


On Tue, Dec 21, 2010 at 7:31 PM, sroy 1947 <> wrote:
> What is up with the NCPRI ?
> 1) Their website has not been updated for 2 years now !
> 2) Neither their website nor their public Yahoo mailing list has not a
> word to say about their stand on the draft RTI Rules or what they
> expect their general body to vote on.
> I have spoken to 2 of their Working Committee members recently, and
> nobody seems to know what is going on. Media reports claim that Nikhil
> Dey is the new NCPRI convenor. 1 of the people I spoke to vehemently
> denies this, and says that his/her organisation knows nothing of all
> this and will be filing their independent comments to DoPT.
> I do hope that somebody responsible from NCPRI (and we have tried to
> include / retain them all on this list) will publicly contradict me or
> at least clarify what is going on or if they still claim to believe in
> transparency ?
> If you chaps (and ladies) are short staffed, busy, divided, and not
> upto drafting a response, I freely grant you permission to plagiarise
> anything from my public objns/suggestions so that at least the
> formalities are preserved.
> Sarbajit

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