Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Re: [HumJanenge] Plz help Central Govt rule

Frind,  Transfer on the grounds of parents sickness may not be in the service rules condition to which u r a party.  U can explore whether any such possibility exists in your service condition.I think there is one possibility.   If u r the only issue of the parents, have in the place of your posting going to be there is no reasonable standard medical facilities to cater for the needs of your parents, and if u have good understanding in your work area, it is possible that you request the head of department to either cancel the transfer or to post you in a place where such medical facilities to suit your parents are available.   The law (may be  125 Crpc) provides that the old parents have to be taken care of their issue at the time of old age and when they are in critical  need of service.   The basic emanation of this rule is a constitutional provision that State guarantees the right to Life under article 21 of the Constitution.   If your head of department does not agree, your parents may have to file a writ petition with proper documents from medical reports that they certainly need the medical attention, and that that attention can only be given by their son and nobody else.  If you r lucky u can win the case on huanitarian consideration also. Regads, dwarakanathdm.
On Mon, Dec 27, 2010 at 11:36 AM, K <kkjohare@yahoo.com> wrote:
If one person's old perents father is ill due to heart attack and mother is due
to very high blood pressure. And their are leavinga already 200km away from the
person who work in Central Govt.

If Director of the Institute Transfer the person 1420km away from his parents.

their is only one branch of the office which are 1420km away and no other

Can he cancel the transfer on parents medical ground.

What are the rules

plz reply urgently

since its matter of some one's parents life and death since no one is with the
parents to look after them

hope u will reply the rules and procedure or any other information which u know

hope u will reply


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