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Re: [rti_india] Regarding protest against SIC RAMANAND TIWARI


Dear All,
There have been many letters already to State and Governer etc.

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Dear All,

While petition to CM is fine but need to be addressed to Governor and President of India also.


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> WE  ARE  AN  NGO   TARUN   MITRA MANDAL    running     RTI guidance  centres  
> all  across mumbai & thane.  As   MR.Ramanand  Tiwari   -   Maharashtra   state
> information  commissioner  was  involved   in
> adarsh   scam   we strongly  feel that   he should  immediately  removed as a 
> SIC  . To  intiate action  against  him  we  have  written   aletter (letter 
> atached) of   to various  government authorities  to reove  him as info 
> commissioner.&  boycott    appeals conducted   byhim,we  also  appeal 
> all   other   NGOS   to send   a prottest  letter  &  boycott  appeals 
> conducted  by  him.

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