Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Re: [rti_india] Request for advice


Dear Mr Singhal

1) Please do not cross-post this message to so many groups
A) Because it is against group's rules
B Because it sends your emails into the SPAM folder.

2) I would advise your son to make you either a joint holder or an
authorised signatory / beneficiary in this account. SBI if I recall
has 2 types of a/cs NRI and NRO account.
Both of them have arrangements for NRI children who can allow for their parents
to draw funds etc. from this account through a linked domestic a/c

POA may not be recognised for banking transactions.


On 12/24/10, M K Singhal <> wrote:
> It is requested that you may kindly give me advice on the following point in
> view of RTIAct provisions:
> I have a son in USA who has an NRI account with SBI India. He has given me
> General Power Of Attorney whose copy was attached by me with my request for
> info. As desired by him, I requested CPIO, SBI for some information under
> pertaining to his NRI account here. CPIO as well as First Appelate Authority
> refused to supply the same on the plea that the information sought by the
> applicant pertains to third party and hence is exempted from disclosure u/s
> 8(1)(d)(e)(j) of RTIA. Kindly advise if their plea is correct. On my second
> appeal, CIC only referred th matter to FAA, SBI who again replied as before.
> Also advise, what further action could be taken by me to get the info.
> mksinghal

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