Wednesday, June 26, 2013

[HumJanenge] Request for advice

Request for advice for further action to be taken for getting info under RTIA05:
I had been requesting PIO, Noida Authority for a copy of the statement of accounts prepared, clearance certificates issued and reallotment letters issued in respect of some  cabins allotted to IT/ITES units such as DelSoft, LK Software, Ukiah Software and BirlaSoft, on rental basis in STPI, Sector 29, Noida for the past about four years. These cabins were vacated by the said units on 19.10.2001, 30.11.2001, 26.12.2003 and 31.05.2007 respectively. When the said info was not received on one pretext or the other, I filed another RTI application dated 22.06.2012 in the matter. When no info was received, I filed First Appeal which was heard by FAA on 20.11.12.  FAA ordered vide his nos 1944 dated 21.11.12 that the required info be supplied to me within 15 days. PIO then supplied only part info vide his letter no 2568 dated 03.12.2012 and informed that the balance info pertained to their accounts section and would be supplied by them, PIO requested  the Accounts Section to supply the balance info pertaining to them vide his letter no 1604 dated 20.07.2012.  This remaining info is still not received by me. When no further info was thus received by me, I filed another appeal dated 10.12.2012 to FAA, but no action was taken by FAA/his office on it yet. I also reminded FAA for action on it thereafter. When no reply was received by me from FAA, I filed Second Appeal to SIC, Lucknow on 24.02.2013. SIC has neither acknowledged receipt of my appeal nor fixed any date of hearing or passed any orders thereon.
I need advice on the following points from RTI knowledgeable experts:
Q1       What further action can be got taken from FAA's level if his orders are not complied with by PIO or other concerned officials. Why does he not take action on such defaults reported to him by letter or even by further First Appeals bringing out the default in the matter.
Q2       It has been my experience that SIC Lucknow neither acknowledges the Second Appeals preferred to him nor sends copy of orders passed by him on Second Appeals preferred to him. No action is taken in SIC office even on RTI applications requesting for copies of his orders on earlier appeals. How can this problem be tackled by persons like us living so far away from SIC office at Lucknow.
Q3       Can somebody suggest Names and contact info about some persons in Lko who can follow such cases at reasonable costs.

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