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Re: [IAC#RG] Need for Electoral Reforms -- Fundamental Deficiency

I think we need to reconsider 50% of the total electorate. Pavan Nair

On 3 Jun 2013 20:42, "Sarbajit Roy" <> wrote:

Dear Vivek

1) I think you ought to have voluntarily disclosed (for benefit of the larger membership here that you are with MC Raj's CERI - and hence a vested interest closely associated with foreign partners interested in promoting/lobbying for PR systems in India)

2)  My brief replies are in-line. (I hope you don't mind my giving direct answers to you).


On Mon, Jun 3, 2013 at 12:26 PM, Vivek Sakpal <> wrote:
> Dear Sarbajit
> ...

Representation of "voters" so long as we have an electoral system and this fraud called "Parliamentary democracy".

> IAC firmly believes in minimal government except for essentials such as security, foreign affai...

It seems you don't appreciate the shades between "government", "governance", "self-governance", "local self governance", "cantons" etc etc . If the drain outside your house is blocked will you contact Prime Minister or your local Municipality ?

What is wrong with "out-sourcing" so long as there is accountability and control ? Do you want situations with bloated government employees and fake "safai karmacharis" on public rolls ?

> IAC opposes the current flawed system of "1 man 1 vote" as being undemocratic.
> WOW. This is...

For a so-called electoral expert it is very surprising that you dont know what "One man, One vote" is. Your variants are not standard or accepted.

> IAC opposes proportional representation as it usually leads to minority / weak governments and unh...

Before I answer this, can I know PRECISELY which variant of PR your NGO is peddling ?

> IAC believes in accountability through elections  This includes negative voting whereby a voter...

You can't argue with the MATHEMATICS of negative voting, so you attack it on social grounds ? No government would like to have negative "-1" voting as it would completely expose their Oligarchies. IAC/HRA has never had problems with citizens voting on caste / religious lines.


> IAC believes that "first past the post system" is wrong.  No candidate must be declared elect...

IAC believes that every People's Representative must represent, at the very least, a simple majority (ie. 50%+1) of all registered voters.
(I gave the practical example with numbers which you had overlooked).

it is to be achieved is another matter. Further, IAC believes that every People's Representative must ALWAYS "represent the people". Say, every once in six months, a suitable motion can be moved asking for a representative to prove his majority. Its not that we elect them for 5 years and give them a licence to loot us.


> IAC opposes all Electronic Voting Machines till they are verifiably accurate and tamper proof...

There is a Technical paper which was previously discussed on this list by the prime contractors of  the US Army assigned to develop a fool proof Electronic Voting System for US Military personnel. They concluded secure EVMs are not possible at the present time. US is certainly still a world leader in electronics (unlike India). This is in stark contrast to the stand of India's corrupt ECI which claims that their 25 year old EVMs are absolutely fair and safe. If it is so infallible why dont they put its schematics and software out in public domain. What is ECI hiding ?

> IAC denounces all scoundrels who are mischievously propagating "49-0" type voting, as "negati...

Let me explain the problem in 49-0 with an extreme example for a constituency with 10 lakh voters.

Party Congress gets 3 lakh votes, BJP gets 2 lakh votes and "Others" get 5 lakh votes. In this way it is clear that here Congress has only 30% of vote share and BJP has 20%.

However, if  50% of "others" exercise "49-0" option, then Congress "vote share" goes up to 40% and BJP goes upto 27% and nobody is the wiser (since 49-0 votes don't officially exist). So you can directly see who "benefits" from 49-0.

> Please give a good thought to my questions and arguments. We all love India, our mother, and wa...


> Regards n Wishes
> Vivek Sakpal
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