Monday, June 17, 2013

[IAC#RG] Another patriot gone

Bahukutumbi Raman  passed away in Chennai on Sunday evening after a prolonged fight with cancer. He was 77.

Described as an asset by the Indian intelligence community, "B. Raman" was a former additional secretary with the Cabinet secretariat. He was also the director of the Institute for Topical Studies, Chennai and one of India's foremost security experts and one of the founders of India's external intelligence wing -- the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW)

He had also written a memoir titled "Kaoboys of Research and Analysis Wing: Down Memory Lane".

I had filed an RTI based on this book (and also another by Maloy Dhar) to the CabSec a few years back. A JointSec of Cabsec called me back and requested me not to pursue it further in National Interest. I replied that the fact of my queries were in public domain was enough.

some samples

b) Decision / policy, if any, to bifurcate IB to create R&AW on 21.Sep.1968 or  thereabouts

c) Decision(s) / policy, if any, to constitute or deploy covert action units of  R&AW after 1968,

d) Decision(s) / policy, if any, to constitute or deploy covert action units of  Directorate-General of Security (DGS) after 1968,

e) A copy of the noting(s) by B.N.Mullick (former Director IB) constituting the  "Burma Branch" presently with R&AW Archives,

f) Copy of the note issued by Indian Ambassador to Burma, and later supplied to  R&AW in 1968-69, stating that Govt of India I had no objection to Chinese assistance to Burma (now Myanmar) for aerial photography of Indian territory,

g) Decision to destroy / weed out from R&AW records the transcripts of records of negotiations for settlement by Mr Rajiv Gandhi, Mr R.N. Kao and others recorded by Mr B Raman before Army was sent into Golden Temple Amritsar in June 1984, along with record(s) of factum of destruction. NB: Mr. B Raman former Addl Secy of R&AW has published that that these valuable historical records were
entrusted by him to R&AW archives around 31,August 1994 in the hope they are  made available to future historians

h) Decision to destroy / weed out from R&AW records, communications from American Baptist missionaries in Burma (Kachin State) to R&AW after October 1968, along with records of factum of destruction.

i) Decision to destroy / weed out the Indian Army's minute of dissent to Joint  Intelligence Committee concerning over-assessment of Naga hostiles sent to China for training in 1968-69, along with records of factum of destruction.

j) Decision to conduct an enquiry into suspicions that CIA was involved in assassination of Mrs Indira Gandhi. It is pertinent that Mr B Raman former Addl Secy R&AW, has alleged the enquiry "could not prove this suspicion".

k) Decision(s) / policy not to upgrade India's "weak" (per Mr B Raman) maritime  intelligence capability concerning US and naval development in Indian Ocean region.

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