Friday, June 14, 2013

Re: [IAC#RG] Future direction of the India Against Corruption movement


Dear Friends and fellow patriots.

Its been 7 months since IAC began formally jettisoning everybody who did not share our common vision of how India shall become a great nation where citizens are respected and accorded their rights equally.

Now, it was never the intention of IAC to be a intellectual group for idle chatter, as IAC's foes (and there are many of them), have been led to believe. IAC's strengths actually lie hidden elsewhere as every ruling party knows but cannot express in public.

So it is better that I speak frankly now on the direction the intellectual side of the IAC movement will be taking. But first a few basic truths (as IAC sees them) so that those who disagree can unsubscribe themselves :-

1) The vast majority of citizens are insignificant when it comes tackling real corruption. Citizens are the disease and not its cure. 

2) The entire system of governance is completely corrupt. There is not a single democratic institution left standing which is not afflicted by corruption or taken over by vested interests. In particular the 2 institutions which are supposed to act as bulwarks against the State - the Judiciary and the Media have been afflicted even more by corruption's rot than the rot within the Government. The less said about the present state of the Indian Defence Services and our para-military fighting forces the better.

3) Today it is impossible for a private citizen to avail either the Judiciary or the Media unless his interest and that of the institution converge. IAC has learned this the bitter way when we refused to accept (as a honest and principled apolitical movement) the profit sharing deals offered to us by some media houses offering to "run" our campaign.

4) India is going to be under election fever for the next 8 months so to expect that anything on anti-corruption beyond shrill rhetoric and false promises will be achieved is a pipe dream. Better we stay rooted to reality and tangible deliverables instead of futile / time-pass discussion on mailing lists.

5)  Being blacklisted by all media networks, IAC shall be setting up its own online and grassroots media outlets. IAC is entering the political information space to provide IAC's unique political and governance views to citizens at large and not only to our list subscribers. Having 57,000+ readers is simply not enough when we need to get IAC's focused message out to at least 20 times that number. (NB: There is an initial period of about 4 to 6 months required to "seed" our forthcoming non-traditional news platforms (which, just to clarify, is not based on social networks)

6) IAC has correctly read the present trend - 2014 is likely to have a 3rd front government with outside support, NaMo's elevation has started that process as we expected.  Election results in the 5 States going to assembly polls will show that, but interestingly a win for BJP in these States in 2013 will go against them in the Lok Sabha polls (except in Delhi). As all sides (including IAC) are constantly measuring the "mind" of the voter, all kinds of interesting combinations and strategies will be popping up to get that elusive "Wave".

2014 is going to be the most bitter campaign India has had so far (and IAC will be in the thick of it).

More soon.


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