Friday, June 14, 2013

[IAC#RG] Arvind Kejriwal, who are you fooling ?

It has taken 9 months for AAP to "clear" Mayank Gandhi of corruption charges leveled against him by Viren Shah and others. The baby they delivered is still-born.

8 of those 9 months were spent in desperately searching for 2 persons (in the whole of India) who would exonerate Mayank against the specific charges made against him with reams of evidence.

Actually when I had raised the issue of non-investigation of charges against Mayank Gandhi, Anjali Damania and Prashant Bhushan 3 months back, AAP publicly said no charges had been made against them - a blatant lie as it now turns out.

So lets see who the 2 scamps (for that is the best word to describe them) they found to exonerate Mayank Gandhi are.

a) Admiral Ramdas (Retd CoNS)
b) Illina Sen (wife of Binayak Sen) (and so what if she is a lady)

both of whom are so close to Prashant Bhushan that even the worlds thinnest condom will find it tough to squeeze between them.

After reading their semi-illiterate and mendacious exoneration of Mayank. Gandhi, I look forward to reading how they now get Ms. Damania and Mr. Bhushan off.

So if this is the brave new world Aam Aadmi Party is offering us - where judge, jury and executioner are all "fixed" (remember the Amar Singh allegations against Shanti Bhushan of fixing a judge for 4 crores), please give me Amar Singh any day for at least he makes no pretence of being honest.


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