Saturday, June 8, 2013

[IAC#RG] URGENT PUBLIC GRIEVANCE :Notice of Death of consumer by Set Top Box

Dr. Rahul Khullar
Chairman, TRAI



Respected Sir,

Sub: Death of subscriber due to shorting through Set Top Box

I am enclosing for your notice a digital clipping from 'Jagran' dated yesterday 07-June-2013 wherein a lady subscriber has died due to current received through Set Top Box shorting between the power line and the LCO cable signal line

As we, and many other persons, have regularly reported to you/TRAI , the MSOs are providing cheap sub-standard STBs (usually Chinese made) and usually with metallic conductive bodies which can pass lethal currents.

It is an open secret that in the rush for DAS digitisation from 1-April-2013 these machines of death are being forcibly installed to benefit a few media houses now substantially foreign controlled.

This disregard for BIS norms was also the direct subject of a PIL in the Supreme Court, brought by Master Swayamjit Roy (minor) and myself (TRAI was a Respondent) about 8 years back when CAS was similarly mandated, which PIL was withdrawn because the I&B Ministry withdrew CAS. We have leave from the Hon'ble Court to re-approach should our cause of action be revived.

I on behalf of India Against Corruption had also responded in detail to TRAI''s recent Consultation Paper in April for providing STBs on regulated  tarriffs to consumers. However, it is curious that my detailed counter-comments to the MSO's submissions were not published by TRAI on the website to misrepresent that there is no opposition to TRAI.

Accordingly, I, on behalf of India Against Corruption people's movement, urge you to URGENTLY invoke TRAI's statutory powers in the public interest for consumer protection to ensure that suitable directions/regulations are issued to all concerned suppliers that only BIS/ISI marked STBs are supplied to the consumers. It is trite to say that this is a fit "Right to Life" case for TRAI's powers to be urgently invoked.

It is also pertinent to mention that from my private study not even 5% of the STBs in the market would meet BIS norms, and these are specially imported by the MSOs to install in residences of India''s creamy layer. I speculate that the deaths which shall occur henceforth from these Killer Boxes shall be mainly in the common classes which shall go un-mourned and unreported due to the media blackouts and active censorship put in place.

with best wishes

yours sincerely

(Er. Sarbajit Roy)
National Convenor
India Against Corruption, jan andolan

2nd floor B-59 Defence Colony
New Delhi 110024
Tel:  0931144869

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