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RE: [IAC#RG] The Call of Truth

  I am being quoted out of context . I know it for a fact that both Rajaji and Churchill said that India after independence will be ruled by thugs and criminals. Rajaji went a little further to emphatically say that after a few years of our independence a large section of our intellectuals will regret the departure of British govt from  India . I am 87. What is the age of Sarbajit. Ask him to refute these two statements .  Also ask people of my age . You will be wiser . Seshadri


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Dear Brig Seshadri

It is ludicrous to say that Winston Churchill wanted the creation of an Independent India. I must question your knowledge of history for making such a preposterous statement. (NB: all those speeches circulating on Internet groups / Facebook attributed to  Churchill are FAKE and FABRICATED - as is Macaulay's speech).

Rajaji of course is a different case. He could not have made the statement, ie. if he ever did make such a statement, in 1905 or earlier for the creation of an Independent India considering that Rajaji effectively only entered National politics in 1919 after WW-I was complete and the British (being broke after the war and needing to hold India to loot it) propped up their stooge Gandhi to "head up" their puppet Independence movement and Rajaji (then a relatively unknown municipal councilor from Madras) joined him.

It would be interesting to see what the problems facing India in 1947 were. This is an extract from the inaugural speech made by the designated Head of State to the new national Constituent Assembly - please read it carefully

"The first observation that I would like to make is this: You will no doubt agree with me that the first duty of a government is to maintain law and order, so that the life, property and religious beliefs of its subjects are fully protected by the State.

The second thing that occurs to me is this: One of the biggest curses from which India is suffering - I do not say that other countries are free from it, but, I think our condition is much worse - is bribery and corruption. That really is a poison. We must put that down with an iron hand and I hope that you will take adequate measures as soon as it is possible for this Assembly to do so.

Black-marketing is another curse. Well, I know that blackmarketeers are frequently caught and punished. Judicial sentences are passed or sometimes fines only are imposed. Now you have to tackle this monster, which today is a colossal crime against society, in our distressed conditions, when we constantly face shortage of food and other essential commodities of life. A citizen who does black-marketing commits, I think, a greater crime than the biggest and most grievous of crimes. These blackmarketeers are really knowing, intelligent and ordinarily responsible people, and when they indulge in black-marketing, I think they ought to be very severely punished, because the entire system of control and regulation of foodstuffs and essential commodities, and cause wholesale starvation and want and even death.

The next thing that strikes me is this: Here again it is a legacy which has been passed on to us. Along with many other things, good and bad, has arrived this great evil, the evil of nepotism and jobbery. I want to make it quite clear that I shall never tolerate any kind of jobbery, nepotism or any any influence directly of indirectly brought to bear upon me. Whenever I will find that such a practice is in vogue or is continuing anywhere, low or high, I shall certainly not countenance it."

1) Has anything changed in 65 years of our so-called "Independence" ? How did these traitors like Gandhi and his jamooras like Rajaji subsequently scuttle the efforts of such wise people to give us a Greater India Nation.

2) Did the founding fathers actually place any protections in the Constitution to protect us from these enumerated evils ?

3) What is the solution now ?


On 9/1/13, M.N.Seshadri <> wrote:
> Nothing new . Rajaji said this and many other politicians INCLUDING Winston
> Churchill said this .

> Dear IAC
> About 90 odd years ago, on 19 August 1921 somebody (whose genes I carry)
> delivered "The Call for Truth" soon after returning from the USA and
> elsewhere. This was the clarion call for "True Swaraj" given in 1905 (not
> Gandhi's "Fake Swaraj" of 1909).

> Here are 2 brief extracts from a core paragraph in that call.
> "Alien government in India is a veritable chameleon. Today it comes in the
> guise of the Englishman, tomorrow perhaps as some other foreigner; the next
> day without abating a jot of its virulence, it may take the shape of our own
> countrymen. ... So in 1905 I called upon my own countrymen to create their
> own country by putting forth their own powers from within. For the act of
> creation is itself the realisation of the truth."


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