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It is we people who should be ashamed to have a P.M. Like Dr.M.M.Singh.
He lacks dignity and self respect. P.M. seat is everything for him. He will stoop to any level
to be in the seat till the next elections.

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Not necessary to resign PM . Ragul gandhi statement also appreciated by indian citizen

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India Against Corruption

                                     WILL  MANMOHAN SINGH  RESIGN  NOW  ?

Rahul Gandhi has termed  the ordinance  to undo the Supreme court verdict on convicted persons from sitting in assemblies and parliament  as nonsense and said it should be thrown away.

While , by this statement Rahul Gandhi has tried to improve his public image , what about the public image of Manmohan Singh?  When the Vice President of the leading party in the UPA  makes  such strong  statement in public , Manmohan Singh has to react.

The option for him  is either to defend his decision to issue an ordinance  or  submit his resignation protesting against  the outburst of Rahul Gandhi in public .

At the fag end of UPA II  facing all round criticism, Rahul Gandhi has given  Manmohan Singh  an  opportunity to redeem his image by quitting on a matter of principle  where the Prime Minister's decision  is being questioned by the Vice President  of  his own party.




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B.Rama Krishna Raju,UF-RTI

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