Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Hi Sarbajit - good cause, let us follow it up?

The case we can make is this:-

1) Delhi Metro is a "Public Authority" not deniable.
2) The right to fresh air and sweet/drinking water as per below is enshrined and ipso facto becomes incumbent on all public authorities to ensure provision of same (read both together, not separately)
3)Therefore ALL public authorities are bound by the Constitution to provide fresh air and sweet water.

Now, is this free or is this at a price?

Is fresh air priced? No, it is free.

Therefore, sweet potable drinking water also has to be free.

With a little tweaking, this can become an electoral issue.

I will also search the Railway Act for this?


Here's some ammo:-


The Supreme Court has ruled that both water and sanitation are part of the constitutional right to life (Article 21). The Court has stated that  'the right to access to clean drinking water is fundamental to life and there is a duty on the state under Article 21to provide clean drinking water to its citizens' A.P. Pollution Control Board II v Prof. M.V. Naidu and Others (Civil Appeal Nos. 368-373 of 1999).

On 11 September 2013 08:16, Sarbajit Roy <sroy.mb@gmail.com> wrote:
Shri Raj Kumar Kardam
Commissioner of Metro Rail Safety(Northern Circle).

Ref: DMRC/2013/E/00001
Date: 11-Sep-2013



On behalf of the citizens I am constrained to complain as follows:-

1) That there is apparently no provision to provide free drinking
water to citizens at well marked and easily accessible locations in
the controlled ares of DMRC network/stations.

2) I am constrained to say this on the complaint of  some police
officers to me at Rajiv Chowk Metro station who were discussing the
situation whereby they are denied drinking water facility and have no
place to even sit / conduct interrogations because DMRC has let out
the area marked for  their Police Post in Rajiv Chowk Metro Station to
a well known coffee chain where water is sold at about Rs. 45 per 1
litre bottle.

3) For example, I am given to understand that the juvenile
offender/accused pickpocket "Pappu Kumar" age about 10 years
apprehended at about 8:00 PM at Rajiv Chowk was without drinking water
till about 11:45 PM after he was booked at Raja Garden Metro Police
Station, because there is no free drinking water available in the
controlled areas of DMRC for the Police to provide to him. This is
surely a human rights violation of citizens, seeing as how the
interrogation of the offender was conducted in the main control room
of Rajiv Gandhi Metro Station (where there is no drinking water either
to provide the offender/accused or the police).

4) Being greatly surprised at the information from the Delhi Police, I
conducted my brief initial enquiry and could confirm the same.

Kindly look into the matter, as I am given to understand that the
control/supervision of  design and operation of DMRC stations also
falls under your mandate.

Kindly acknowledge this email by return indicating a time-line to
resolution by your office.

With best wishes

Er. Sarbajit Roy
National Convenor
India Against Corruption, jan andolan

2nd floor, B-59 Defence Colony
New Delhi 110024
Tel : 09311448069

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