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Very interesting. U must know that MI fund has always been spent at total discretion of the Chief. Meant for untold MI expenses that is not audit-able. Why bellyache after he has demitted the office."Dam tha to uswaqt pakadte", any rash action at this point may open the pandora's box as there may be many skeletons in the cupboard.

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Senior government functionaries voiced their angst against former Army chief V K Singh for his recent utterances. " his statements have caused us irreparable damage besides ofcourse undermining the democratic process in Jammu and Kashmir". 
 The Government has taken a very serious view of Genl V K Singh's recent statements about the Army paying politicians in Kashmir and intends to order an inquiry. " There needs to be an inquiry into whether money was indeed distributed and if so where did it go". The government is yet to decide about who will conduct the inquiry but sources say it will not be the CBI .

The general consensus in the upper echelons of the Government is that the generals "irresponsible statement" has come at an inopportune time for the government and put it in an embarrassing position ahead of the talks with Pakistan scheduled for Sunday. 
General V K Singh had an extremely prickly relationship with the UPA government even when he was the Army chief and the relationship has progressively detoriated after he demitted office. At one point of time during his standoff with the government, the political leadership toyed with the idea of dismissing him, but it was the intervention of Defence Minister A K Antony that disuaded the government from going ahead. The feeling amongst the governments senior functionaries now is that V K Singh's "reckless" statement has seriously compromised the nations interests in addition to providing Pakistan and the likes of the Hurriyat an issue to embarass the country. 
A senior government functionary speaking on the condition of anonynimity said that Singh's statement needed to be inquired into because " the Army has no business paying off civilians".It was evident from the tone and tenor of senior government officials that this time the government intends posing some uncomfortable questions to Genl V K Singh " we need to find out whether payments were made and if it's true who authorised these payments and who the real beneficiaries were". 
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