Thursday, July 30, 2015

[IAC#RG] The Lawless Lawyers


India Against Corruption

                                                                                                                                                      THE  LAWLESS  LAWYERS

The chairman of Bar Council of India said recently in Chennai that one third of the lawyers in India are fake. But, the loud mouthed lawyers did not comment about this startling revelation and are conspicuous by silence.

Drunken brawl between lawyers in Chennai are no more uncommon. Many law students in Chennai have fought  pitched battles with stones and draggers  and murders have been reported. While such unsavoury incidents continue, it now has reached a new low , as the lawyers in Puduchery prevented the magistrate from leaving the chamber, when he remanded a junior lawyer for misconduct. The crowd of lawyers insisted that the accused  lawyer  should be released on bail and the magistrate yielded so that he could come out of the court complex. Similar conditions prevail all over India.

Lawyers are known to say lies without twinkling of eyelid  but the image of the lawyers have now become so tarnished that people are no more surprised , when it is revealed that one third of the lawyers in India are fake.

Many people are now suspicious of some of the judgements and several judges at various levels face accusation of corrupt practices. The lawless lawyers only further reflect on the state of judiciary in India.

It is extremely important that a screening committee should be immediately appointed by government of India to filter out the fake lawyers all over the country. Lawyers all over India should be asked to submit their qualification credentials for verification and the task cannot be simply left to bar council of India.  It is too serious a situation , as judges are being selected out of these lawyers and judiciary has a very important role to play in safeguarding probity in public life.


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