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Re: [IAC#RG] It is Time to shut the IAS Down

Dear Gen Phagura

Sir , very well analysed.

Brig Maitra

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> On 18-Jul-2015, at 9:19 am, Randhir Phagura <> wrote:
> While the article gives valid arguments for reform of the 'great' IAS, the real problem are the politicians. These are not enlightened people but only the riff-raff 'dadas' who have climbed up to their respective positions over the shoulders of our naive, gullible, ignorant and indolent compatriots. Many of them are coerced by these 'dadas' through the neo-feudal and neo-vassal system that is yet rife in our unfortunate land.
> These politicians are not knowledgeable about anything. Their mental capabilities are very limited. If they had any capability then they would not have chosen politics as a career; they might have joined the IAS or the Services or other such competitive avenues. They, therefore, have no clues about the ministries allocated to them. Hence, they are completely dependent on the Babu who is very intelligent and cunning and plays tricks on them in such a way that they literally 'eat out of his hands'. They are thus very happy with the arrangement and support the Babu to run his writ as he pleases. They have not joined politics to serve the people but to serve themselves and just to fill the gap in the vacancies left by the intelligentsia who do not wish to 'dirty their hands', so to say! Hence, the idea of reforming the IAS would never ever enter their head.
> Modi is a different politician in that he wishes to serve the Nation and he is sincere about it. He is exerting himself to the hilt. But results are not matching his efforts. Reason again is limited capability. Now consider the capabilities of say Obama, Putin or even XI with those of Narinder Modi. He too, therefore, was not very clear as to 'HOW' he has to proceed in order to get to the very laudable objectives that he had spelled in the beginning.
> But capability is not the only handicap. The other impediment is opposition to him within the party. His position is anything but strong in the BJP. Recall that the same people who are today occupying prominent positions in his cabinet were, at one stage, opposed to him till he got the thumping majority for them. They are still watchful for any slip by him. That might be the reason that he could not take any action against the 'fraudulent ladies'. Hence, he cannot take any strong decision such as were taken by Indira Gandhi, as PM. The question of reforming the IAS, then, may not have entered his thoughts, as yet. In due course as and when he is on a firmer ground, politically, he may venture upon it.
> Meanwhile, one important aspect of the IAS reforms was to confine them to particular branches of administration such as 'Finance' 'Home', 'Defence' and so on; just as the services are confined to their respective arms and services. The IFS are already specialists in the External Affairs and hence, better informed about their subject. The same could be done for other branches of administration. Taking the totals for the States as well, there would be sufficient vacancies in each branch.
> The intelligentsia, on its part, must bring out the subject topic in the open and let it be discussed in the TV and print media.Confining to the internet is a limitation.
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