Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Re: [IAC#RG] Fleecing Hospitals and doctors


I agree 100% that these may not be justified but look at the other side, if I dont call in Gastro specialist or for that matter any other specialist when patient complains of symptoms pertaining not to my specialist, later something worse happens, the primary surgeon is held responsible that although specialist services were available but the surgeon didnt utilise and is negligent!!!!

You have to see both sides of coin!!

Consumer protection act has resulted in fear among god fearing and ethical medical doctors and many are practicing what we call as defensive medication.

I am orthopedic surgeon, now I rarely prescribe vitD without getting level done which costs about 700-900 to the patient because if any complication of Vit D like toxicity or hypercalcemia happens, I shall be held responsible.

Regarding charges, to each his own, every doctor like any other professional has a right to decide his charges and if patient feels it is too exorbitant, everybody has a right to choose their physician in private setup.

My question is, did you seek clarification on charges before selecting your hospital or surgeon!!!

Why not go to a government Hospital/Medical college for a quality and cheap care?

Why people choose upmarket Corporate Hospitals which are like star hotels and then crib about charges??

Have you ever raised your voice against your 5star hotel where you vacation or a care dealer why they charge for 8000 for room rent and 6000 for regular service!!!!

My two paisa worth


Dr Harpal Singh Selhi
Department of Orthopedic Surgery,
DMC & Hospital, Ludhiana.

527-L, Model Town,
Punjab (INDIA)

On Tue, Jul 7, 2015 at 11:37 AM, Charu Kulkarni <kulkarni.charu@gmail.com> wrote:
Dear Sir,
It is not even a joke that you consider our protests a "vendetta against the doctors".

I happened to have a spinal laminectomy done at a 'high-end' hospital in Bandra (west). Post surgery a physiotherapist offered his services, and I agreed to take his treatment. He made it a practice to come to my room at about 3:30 in the afternoon, find me resting/sleeping, and go away, and come back after 5:00 pm. This went on every day without our realizing what was happening. On the last day when we looked at the bill we found that he had charged us for 2 visits every day!!

After a few days in the hospital, I complained of suffering from constipation. The next morning the "Gastroenterologist" of the hospital came into my room, asked me to drink plenty of water, and not to worry. He was in the room for all of 60 seconds, and he was out of there. I was charged Rs.900/- for this "expert's visit".

The "Internist" used to visit every day - as part of his rounds - ask how I was getting on, offer some words of comfort, and go. His bill was Rs.900/- per day for 11 days = Rs.9900/-.

I could go on, but this much is enough to convey to you how hospitals 'rob' patients. I do not know if the doctors are solely responsible, because I hear that the hospital managements pressurise, even threaten the doctors, that if they do not ramp up the hospital's revenue, they may lose their positions in the hospital.

I must add that the surgeon who performed the operation had nothing at all to do with these scams. In fact he is an extraordinarily honest and praiseworthy person. And all follow-up visits were free of charge!

NEXT: My wife had a knee replacement surgery done at a high-end hospital in Khar by a well-known surgeon. It was a package deal.
However, post surgery, every follow-up visit was initially charged at Rs.1250/- per visit, which went up to Rs.1500/- which was again pumped up to Rs.2000/- per visit. Rs.2000/- for a post-operation follow up visit!!?  So if patients protest, it is a"vendetta"? (Which, in any case is an inappropriate word to use in this context).

Charu Kulkarni

On Sun, Jul 5, 2015 at 3:19 PM, Shree Prakash Singh <spsmira@yahoo.co.in> wrote:
Nice proposition !
But smells of vendetta against the doctors.
Let all transactions be through Cheques, No harm.
After all the 'medical fee revenue' must be an iota of what is going on in the market !
Everyone should welcome this move

On Saturday, 4 July 2015 10:44 PM, Devinder Chopra <ddchop47@gmail.com> wrote:

Respected Sir, Shri Venktaraman ji,

Very well said and moved the proposition you have made, Sire.
My family and i are with you, all the way.
Our great tragedy in independent India is, the weak and poor are left in the lurch, all the way. While the meek. -- tribals or the so-named Dalits are left to fend for themselves, and they end up at the doors of the unqualified ones!
Yes, that too is happening in our Bharat ; NO one cares, each one is for his/her own, sadly.

With that background, the Standing (or sitting) Committees are more concerned with their own allowances and per diems of the ones we elect to the two Houses we run (and RUN they not i must add), in our land !

i can say all that because one sees it here all the time. (We provide our part time staff at home and the full time driver whatever we can to support them and their children, in their health care.)

India' budgetary allocations-- at State or Central levels are indeed a "joke" --
just as it goes in the areas of education or SANITATION -- the major ruinous cause for half our illnesses among the poor or the RICH.

No one will, no one does listen, ever.    

The so called Civil Hospitals under the State ( i live in Gurgaon) are under staffed, their good staff does whatever they can with hardly any medicines available for the harried lot that comes to them in hundreds and thousands! 

On 2 July 2015 at 20:25, Venkatraman Ns <nsvenkatchennai@gmail.com> wrote:

India Against Corruption
                                                                                                      FLEECING HOSPITALS AND DOCTORS
It is sad  that many private hospitals , clinics and doctors have become the den of corruption.  Clinics & doctors  insist on cash payment of fees and do not give receipts. They have no norms in charging fees and have become an exploitative class. Almost all of them accumulate huge black money and evade taxes.
Obviously, central government and income tax department know that  almost all doctors do not pay taxes properly but governments do not care to question them. Hospitals , clinics and doctors very rarely receive tax violation notice and they are rarely raided by income tax department.
 The poor people are the worst sufferers. With most government hospitals having  poor standards and many government doctors are indifferent and private hospitals and doctors fleecing the patients, people from lower income group face desperate conditions when  they fall ill.
Government has the responsibility to discipline the hospitals and doctors and insist on norms for demanding fees. Hospitals, clinics and doctors should be directed to accept fees beyond Rs. 1000  only by cheque and they should give receipt for any fees received above Rs. 50
Time has come for people to protest effectively against the fleecing hospitals. Clinics and doctors.
Nandini Voice For The Deprived

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