Wednesday, July 29, 2015

[IAC#RG] PUBLIC GRIEVANCE about ACB Delhi under Vigilance Dept GoNCTD

The Chief Secretary
Govt of NCT Delhi

cc: (for information)
1) Addl Secy to LG/Delhi
2) Commissioner of Police/Delhi


Respected Sir

I am reliably given to understand that monitoring and supervision of Delhi's Anti Corruption Branch (ACB) is retained with yourself

I am shocked to infer from credible recent reports in the national media that the highly publicised 1031 helpline is actually a fraud carried out by private persons, apparently closely related to present Chief Minister of Delhi and his associates, and that the lakhs of complaints submitted by citizens have been actually used for extortion / blackmail against honest officers and to perpetuate the regime of corruption Delhi is historically notorious for,

Accordingly I would be obliged if you would kindly urgently inquire into the reasons why my 9 complaints against corrupt officers of GoNCTD, made to the number 1031, have not been acted upon.

Specifically, I would be obliged if the proper FIR, as prescribed vide Punjab Police Rules and CrPC, for my information relating to corruption in 1031 helpline and disclosing commission of associated cognisable offences which was given by me on Saturday 25.July.2015 at 3:15 PM to Anti Corruption Branch is provided to me immediately and certainly within 48 hours.

PS:  You may also kindly inquire why the aforementioned  ACB website link has not been updated since 2006, as such shoddiness reflects quite poorly the image of the Hon'ble Lieut Governor of Delhi's administration and your own performance.


Sarbajit Roy
India Against Corruption,jan andolan

B-59 Defence Colony 
New Delhi 110024

Tel :(mob) 8010205897

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