Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Re: [IAC#RG] It's time to shut the IAS down

Dear Brig Ahuja

The entire nation, except for a small handful of bhagats, reciprocates
that Mr. NaMo is a complete failure on all fronts, including OROP.

A large part of the scam money looted during UPA years was channelled
back into BJP and AAP to fuel their unsustainable PONZI rackets of
making one rash promise after another. That the model is unsustainable
is shown that AAP has been forced to raise VAT on petrol/diesel by Rs.
2 despite knowing that it will fuel inflation.

The IAS has not allowed Mr. NaMo to get away with blatant crony
capitalism which Mr.NaMo's sponsors expected when they massively
financed him / BJP for LS elections. Hence, a concerted social media
campaign to soften up the IAS and euthanise the "Rules" which they

Obviously the corporates such as Ambanis and Adanis would now want the
IAS removed or emasculated so that they can achieve their goals.

BTW, why not dismantle the entire General Staff of the Armed forces so
that colonels and commanders can directly fight wars with our enemies


On 7/14/15, Jagjit Ahuja <> wrote:
> Let us not have any sympathy for Modi who has not maintained any of his
> promises . The main problem with him has been that he could not tame
> bureaucracy , which was not a difficult task. This could have been done
> by inducting men of integrity from all services in his PMO and at higher
> level professionals in other departments . All these years IAS have been
> trying their best to head all the departments even if they may not be
> knowing their basics.
> In addition there is a need to bring ACCOUNTABILITY , RESPONSIBILITY and
> TRANSPARENCY as part of their job profile.
> This would have given him leverage in taming the so called steel frame of
> the country now fully rusted.
> Above all he must sustain his decisions , where he has miserably failed.

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