Wednesday, July 22, 2015


My following observation needs to be checked up for authencity, for if was understood by the concerned Individuals, the problem of OROP would not have been created. 

Mind and thoughts are bound to go disarray in ignorance of the same, & towards taking erroneous adminitrative decisions, related to Indian Army, Indian Navy & the Indian Air Force.

Officials in our Government, IAS, IFS, IPS etc. . .  organisations, besides majority of our corrupt Politicians are ignorant of the fact and reason to appreciate (& I guess that I am right) that it is only the OFFICERs of the Indian Armed Forces, are handed over Commissioning Orders duly signed by the President of INDIA, in ink.

The point is. . .that they need to ponder & have sense enough to understand, why it is thus!?!
Cmde. AK Dhir (Retd.)I.N.

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