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RE: [IAC#RG] Fleecing Hospitals and doctors


Our discussions are mostly city-centric-whether it is medical or educational or legal( litigation} which covers only 30% of the population. We tend to forget the problems of vast majority of rural population.
Again when we speak of the Govt., we have in view the Central Govt. whose reach in rural India is very limited.
We rarely discuss the role of the State Govts or local Governing bodies.Many illnesses caused by water polution, environmental pollution and unhygenic living conditions are the responsibility of municipal bodies.  similarly the control of clinics and hospitals
should be the responsibility of the local bodies.
General physicians are professionals like lawyers, architects,Chartered Accountants and uniformity of charges, therefore cannot be enforced. 
Star hospitals and clinics are corporate bodies and they are to run on profit.
So also various medical colleges run by the politicians are to make money and enjoy protection.
Regds JKGaur   

Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2015 15:34:05 +0530
Subject: Re: [IAC#RG] Fleecing Hospitals and doctors

I really agree to your views.. The government should at least make it mandatory for doctors to issue receipts as the doctors never provide receipt s giving them chance to get black money.

Also further I am in opinion that doctor s should be audited for their services by a stringent broad.

Hospitals are worst people where the doctors are paid on acquisitions they have made by prescription of unwanted procedure.

On Jul 3, 2015 7:41 AM, "Venkatraman Ns" <> wrote:

India Against Corruption
                                                                                                      FLEECING HOSPITALS AND DOCTORS


It is sad  that many private hospitals , clinics and doctors have become the den of corruption.  Clinics & doctors  insist on cash payment of fees and do not give receipts. They have no norms in charging fees and have become an exploitative class. Almost all of them accumulate huge black money and evade taxes.

Obviously, central government and income tax department know that  almost all doctors do not pay taxes properly but governments do not care to question them. Hospitals , clinics and doctors very rarely receive tax violation notice and they are rarely raided by income tax department.

 The poor people are the worst sufferers. With most government hospitals having  poor standards and many government doctors are indifferent and private hospitals and doctors fleecing the patients, people from lower income group face desperate conditions when  they fall ill.

Government has the responsibility to discipline the hospitals and doctors and insist on norms for demanding fees. Hospitals, clinics and doctors should be directed to accept fees beyond Rs. 1000  only by cheque and they should give receipt for any fees received above Rs. 50

Time has come for people to protest effectively against the fleecing hospitals. Clinics and doctors.
Nandini Voice For The Deprived

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