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Re: [IAC#RG] Fleecing Hospitals and doctors

Well said Dr Arora

Dr Ratnesh chaudhary

lalit bansal <> wrote:

True. This is big debate. 
My both,  the son and daughter worked hard studied fro the best medical institute of India and abroad. I am proud of them too. Now they are serving honestly in the best hospitals of the world, just because they sincerely and honestly worked hard. We the parents only helped and blessed them and they did well .I  feel it is the duty of parents too, they can make them understand that they chosen the path of sacrifice in human mankind.
I understand there must be some big fishes and they must  be caught and punished under prescribed law.   
lalit Bansal 

On Saturday, 11 July 2015 1:41 PM, "Prof Anil Arora, New Delhi" <> wrote:

Well said Harpal.
The problem is that only DOCTORS are supposed to make sacrifices and give SELFELESS Services to the society.
It is not applicable to other professionals (like Lawyers, CA) who sometimes charge lakhs of rupees as their fee.
It is because we are emotionally exploited as we are handling human lives. But the society forgets that years and years of hard work, dedication and sacrifices to become a doctor.
It is totally a Government failure as the resources are far too meager for our population. Residents are overworked. Only doctors are supposed to serve Rural Folks, no body else !!!
Anil Arora
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