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Dear Ms. Seema

Thanks for email.

Normally I do not react or post comments on other's write up. But somehow recent developments are too much disturbing to keep silence.

Indeed it was your article of Zee's Subhas Chandra, self styled leader, self eulogist, self admirer and claimant of supremacy. Zee TV's Sudhir Chaudhary and Rihit Sardana are often make most undesirable comments. In fact, zee TV new channel is anti-congress, as well as against all parties. Subhas Chandra is blind supporter of Narendra Modi and not others in  BJP. News Channels are supposed to report news impartially but they broadcast less news and impose their views, as well as violate all norms of media reporting. In their views other than NaMo none has right to exist. Had it been possible for them they would like to kill all those oppose to NaMo which is tendency found in only dictators. Zee tv does not believe in democracy but only in nepotism, dictatorship, and anarchy.   

Your observations in the write up of "From A to X to Zee", (and prior to that your article on 14 Points of Fascism, I liked most as it was most timely) has made me to write in support of your views as well as respond to others who reacted to both your article as well as commented on my observations.

Surely, welcome to be in touch and share views on matters of recent development too. . I am retired government employee and have to keep busy, so I keep reading. Best wishes, and regards!

Dr. Ratnakar Gedam  

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What have you said Sir is extremely interesting. And confirms a lot
Hope to be in touch
Warm regards

Seema Mustafa

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By chance I saw these exchanges and have only read MJ and Seema regularly and MJ's book how he is a Muslim from a Hindu ancestoey froim Congress to BJP and his association with Lso have never known them but feel knows them and their leanings but that is neither here or there. 

This is a former Naval Officer but now a researcher,  author,  Radio TV commentator and have never met this man SUBHASH CHANDRA but after reading his book  THE Z FACTOR  ( for which he needs CONGRATULATIONS  to show he is very pro BJP ) he shows how he corrupted DHIRENDRA BRAMACHARI AND OTHERS IN PMO WITH FIRST 50 LACS in cash in the 1980s  to BRAMACHARI  and got contracts to export basmati to the Soviet Union from Rajiv Gandhi's office  through Vijay Dhar and V George   along with an Anil Channa ....the Doons and made CRORES ......He writes openly ........He was investigated by CBI but Intelligence in India is another story I can write volumes as I was Director of Naval Intelligence and lips must remained sealed !                                                                                                                                                                    

Cmde(R) Ranjit B Rai MBIM(UK)
 Ex Vice President Indian Maritime Foundation
International Correspondent India Strategic & SEAGULL  & B'Caster
C 443 Defence Colony New Delhi 110024
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On 23 February 2016 at 07:22, Ratnakar Gedam <> wrote:
Dear Ms. Seema

I tried to post following comments but something went wrong. My comments are as follows, you may advice to your editor to get publish it along with your article. Have a nice time!
Good Analysis! I am inclined to agree with you, but needs placing some points in right the perspective to be neutral per se, i.e. neutral in terms of men and matter, putting matters first than men in politics, policies over politics or nationalism (pseudo versus in reality) versus anarchy.
There are at least three points that this article articulates which draw attention to.
Firstly, media's role in supporting each and every thing that NaMo as Pm does. Indeed, observations are very correct. Subash Chandra's Zee is anti, Congress and Pro-NaMo not pro-BJP. When Jairam Ramesh said toilets as more important than temples, Zee started non-tireless campaign against him. But when same issue raised by NaMo, zee tv has mad all praise for him, as if NaMo was first to invent, forgetting the facts that Jairam was talking about Total Sanitation Campaign which was one of 16 flagship projects of INC then in power. That is, Zee has blind support to NaMo as PM; certainly for aspirations for gains, recognitions of Padma awards, positions as well as profit motive, without tax evasion charges or dragging his empire into tax evasion net. Zee Tv and its all anchors wore pro-Namo spectacles. Therefore, one must expect impartial reporting or DNA from Zee.   
Second, each of tv channels have political orientation and support to the one or other political party, therefore almost all channels are not impartial or neutral to any issue or debate. Last general elections to Lok Sabha were not won by NaMo alone by his so called miracle speeches (which indeed lack substance and knowledge of subject he often spoke of) but it was winning of mass media of both digital and print media that unleashed anti-Congress and anti-NaMo parties through 24x7 propaganda. There was debates not on the subjects but pro-NaMo praise. Those who were oppose to NaMo were subject to verbal attack as well as use of abusive. This trend is continued till today and may continue till next general elections. This is bad for democracy and anti-ethical reporting. Media must impartially put forward neutral view and not impose upon the viewers channels' views through their anchors.
Finally, freedom of speech granted under Article 19(1) is not an absolute right but is subjected to "reasonable restriction". Nationalism and patriotism have blurred boundaries but are inculcated since the childhood and requires it to be cherished. The nationalism means irrespective its good or bad aspects. Both nationalism and patriotism does not requires certifications either from ruling party or opposition parties, or justification or denounces from anyone, least at least from tv channels owners or anchors who are paid employees of tv owners and re bound to do, say or argue as their bosses wants them, for the sake of continue earning salary. Students are bound to be distracted to ideologies unless are students at formative age are taught as to what is rights from wrong otherwise it would lead to indoctrination of thoughts or ideologies, as could one see in terrorist, criminals, anti-nationals, etc. People ought to differ as no two are identical or no two ideologies are same but neither this is not a time nor universities a place of experiment. No nationalist or patriotic person would accept others' point of view. Also studies and debates of ideologies over tv channels about religions, nationalism, pro-religions differ from crime as defined under the laws of land. The punishment according to law need evidence and it is the duty entrusted to police, certainly media trial and passing judgment on nationalism at least pseudo-nationalism as seen since last few years is nothing but as imposing views of tv channel owners over all others. As do politicians have their own agenda so have tv channels, as well anti-nationals which do try to infiltrate to institutions where youth in large number are easily found and are treated like a reserve army to proliferate ideologies and tap their talent and energy for furtherance of their intentions.  

Dr. Ratnakar Gedam  

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