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I don't understand why you people cry in the wilderness on matters beyond your control. At best, change the channel, let his TRP fall and the channel wind up. All TV channels are servants of some political party or the other. If public is gullible, a tea master can be the king. The trouble starts with US. We have taken elected leaders to be versatile prodigies. Unfortunately, the leaders also believe themselves to be so. Unless and until we make a degree ( in any discipline, except in Bihar ) as the basic requirement for a people's representatives and make attendance compulsory for all sessions, ' no work no pay ' as the rule, they will not come to o their senses. A politician rejected by his own constituency becomes a central minister, state governor or planning commission chairman. Little do they reflect that they would not have got the job of a chaprasi with their qualifications. Time to show who the boss in a democracy.

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Dear Ms. Seema

Thanks for email.

Normally I do not react or post comments on other's write up. But somehow recent developments are too much disturbing to keep silence.

Indeed it was your article of Zee's Subhas Chandra, self styled leader, self eulogist, self admirer and claimant of supremacy. Zee TV's Sudhir Chaudhary and Rihit Sardana are often make most undesirable comments. In fact, zee TV new channel is anti-congress, as well as against all parties. Subhas Chandra is blind supporter of Narendra Modi and not others in  BJP. News Channels are supposed to report news impartially but they broadcast less news and impose their views, as well as violate all norms of media reporting. In their views other than NaMo none has right to exist. Had it been possible for them they would like to kill all those oppose to NaMo which is tendency found in only dictators. Zee tv does not believe in democracy but only in nepotism, dictatorship, and anarchy.   

Your observations in the write up of "From A to X to Zee", (and prior to that your article on 14 Points of Fascism, I liked most as it was most timely) has made me to write in support of your views as well as respond to others who reacted to both your article as well as commented on my observations.

Surely, welcome to be in touch and share views on matters of recent development too. . I am retired government employee and have to keep busy, so I keep reading. Best wishes, and regards!

Dr. Ratnakar Gedam  

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What have you said Sir is extremely interesting. And confirms a lot
Hope to be in touch
Warm regards

Seema Mustafa

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