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Re: [IAC#RG] How India must select information commissioners?

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There are two aspects to CIC appointment. First, what concerned law has provided for. Second, what government has done - was it within the law or whether Govt. has violated law. The section 12 (2) of Right to Information Act 2005 has made provision for CIC as follow: The CIC shall consists of (a) the CIC; and (b) ten Members of CIC. In the section 12(3) the process of selection has prescribe by stating that: (3) CIC and Info Commissioners has be appointed by the President of India on the recommendation of a committee consisting of (I) PM as Chairman, (ii) Leader of Opposition Party, and (iii) Union Cabinet Minister to be nominated by the PM. The only qualification CIC as per RTI Act is that as per Section 12(5) the CICI and Info Commissioners has be persons of eminence in the public life with wide knowledge and experience in law, science and technology, social service, management, journalism, mass media or administration and governance. As per Section 12(6) there is bar on seating MPs, MLAs, or hold on office of profit, carry on business of profit, or hold political party office. That means, the retired officers of government like IAS, IPS, Indian Info services, etc. are eligible to hold office if they have or had in been good books of ruling party. Because of three members of selection committee there are two from ruling government and only one from opposition party who can only raise objection or walk out in case of major difference in selection criteria. As fas as Mr. Bassi is concerned different people have different views about his good or bad handling of situation he was to handle in official capacity. As long as he is not guilty of any major corruption, atrocities on the public at large during demonstration etc. he could be considered along with 5 or 6 officers based on his past 5 years' performance. Benefits of doubts goes in favour of candidates. Hope this clarifies issue!    

Dr. Ratnakar Gedam  

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There is a procedure named SEARCH AND SELECTION COMMITTEE 
for selecting candidatee  for the post which does not come under preview of UPSC
The detail procedures can be seen at the website of DOPT 

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It is quite revealing how the selection of Information Commissioners are made.
Selection of S. Sailesh Gandhi was an exception. Te rule being appointment of former Civil servants-mostly IAS or IPS officers. The qualifications laid down are favourble to them and so is the composition of Selection Committee.As a result these posts have become tools to favour the favourites of Govt.
From the Civil Society there is little pressure to change the status quo because the RTI activists themselves are a divided lot.
Now more than a decade has passed since the RTI was passed. During this time surely some activists have developed the
requisite expertise and should lay a serious claim to be appointed Information Commissioners both at Central and Sate level. If I remember correctly S. Roy had applied for selection. Let us go by his experience also for not being slected.

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Subject: [IAC#RG] How India must select information commissioners?
Pls. refer to the following hyperlink:-
There is a great need to introduce a transparent process to select information commissioners, who are expected to oversee transparency, says former Central ...

Bangalore Raju Venkatesh Prasanna

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