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What kind of moronic views are being expressed in the name of nationalism. At least increase your level of understanding before you write such nonsense. Do you think our country has become so weak that it is threatened by some slogan-shouting youth. BJP forming government with PDP the party which officially treat afzal as Martyr is nationalistic and forming government with the Alkali 's who tore the Constitution is also nationalistic act. Television anchors who are branding an entire university as anti-nationals and inciting violence against helpless students are unbiased.... What kind of people you are?? And what about the dumb police men who are only good in taking bribe and beating up helpless people.? Do we need such a police for a nation like ours?

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I whole heartedly endorse your views.The primary duty of students is to pay attention on their studies and not indulge in politics due to misguided politicians. The ugly situation which happened in JNU and subsequent interference by politicians of all hue particularly defense of such unpatriotic gundaas of the university by Congress and Left parties was most unworthy and shameful.Instead of condemning the event they talked about freedom of speech,quoting the Constitution,without understanding the limits of it.Calling the action of the govt a fascist act is utter nonsense.In fact they should have cooperated in identifying the culprits as most belong to their cadre. 
        Further, most of the TV Channels,have also become the mouthpieces of the Left parties as many of the anchors come from the same background.There is a evident bias in their not only reporting but also they deliberately bring panelist who support anti nationalists,and try to defame the the rightful action by the police.
Dr A. Narain. 

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                                                                                          TREAT STUDENT POLITICIAN AS POLITICIAN AND NOT AS STUDENT

When I was a student in Annamalai University in Tamil Nadu, I attended a meeting addressed by Mr. V.V.Giri, former Vice President and President of India.

During the question and answer session, I asked Mr.V.V.Giri as to whether the students can get themselves involved in political activities. Mr. V.V. Giri replied without hesitation that students should do the following three things, namely study, study and study.

Mr. Giri  who was an active trade union leader before becoming the Vice President of India pointed out that students should know politics but should not involve themselves in politics, as it would divert the attention from the primary task of studying and learning. Students getting involved in politics is neither in their interest nor in the interest of the nation.

The recent incidents in J N U, Delhi , where students planned cultural programme to protest against the hanging of Afzal Guru, the agitation by students in Hyderabad University when a student committed suicide and the support readily given to such agitations by politicians , only highlight the fact that politics have made deep inroads in the academic institutions and universities.

In recent times in Tamil Nadu,  several students have indulged in rowdy like behavior and frequently indulged in condemnable acts such as fighting between themselves with knives, hijacking the transport buses and even murdering teachers. Many of such students have affiliations to one political party or the other and if the police would initiate action against them, politicians interfere in their support.

It is seen that more than 95% of the students are interested only in academic pursuits. Only  minority  of students who have criminal mind set or who want to launch themselves as politicians in future, indulge in such rowdy like behavior.  Unfortunately, the print and visual media give huge publicity to such deplorable activities of small group of students, which virtually amount to encouraging  them,  as these politicians in the making get all the publicity that they want.

In this scenario, it is appropriate that the Government of India has taken action against the agitating JNU students  and strongly deplored their behavior. As expected, several politicians in the opposition parties and some so called activists criticize the  action of the government of India with  ready made statements such as curtailing the freedom and reminiscence of the emergency days etc. As usual, the print and visual media give more publicity and space  to the activities of the student and utterances of the critical politicians, than the views of the government.

It is high time that we treat the student  politician as politician and not as student and refrain from giving the benefit of treating  with kid gloves. 


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