Friday, February 26, 2016

Re: [IAC#RG] How India must select information commissioners?

It is quite revealing how the selection of Information Commissioners are made.

Selection of S. Sailesh Gandhi was an exception. Te rule being appointment of former Civil servants-mostly IAS or IPS officers. The qualifications laid down are favourble to them and so is the composition of Selection Committee.As a result these posts have become tools to favour the favourites of Govt.

From the Civil Society there is little pressure to change the status quo because the RTI activists themselves are a divided lot.

Now more than a decade has passed since the RTI was passed. During this time surely some activists have developed the

requisite expertise and should lay a serious claim to be appointed Information Commissioners both at Central and Sate level. If I remember correctly S. Roy had applied for selection. Let us go by his experience also for not being slected.



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There is a great need to introduce a transparent process to select information commissioners, who are expected to oversee transparency, says former Central ...

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