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It's time that Goa governor should remove the SIC forthwith now that he made it clear that he is there for the status, pay and perks(and of course, the red beacon too!) of the SIC post, not for the sake of implementation of the RTI Act, 2009 in the state, which ought to be the sole purpose of his existence. 

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Goa's beleaguered Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) Prashant Prabhu Tendolkar while trying to justify his using the red beacon has today claimed that he is equivalent in rank with a Supreme Court Judge.

In a reply to the show cause notice issued to him by the Transport department over the illegal use of the red beacon it has been claimed that the red beacon was being used on the official vehicle since 2010 by the earlier CIC.

In the reply it has been further stated that if the mere non inclusion of the CIC in the State list disentitles him from using the red beacon, it would amount that the other central dignitaries whose names are not included on the list cannot also use the red beacon in the State.

Strangely in the four page reply signed by Irene Sequeira the Secretary of the Goa State Information Commission it has been also claimed that the salaries and allowances of the CIC are equivalent to that of the Chief Election Commissioner though Section 16 (5) of the Right to Information Act states that the salaries and allowances of the State chief Information Commissioner shall be the same as that of an Election Commissioner. 

The show cause notice was issued to CIC Prashant Tendolkar after on 9th Feb a complaint was filed against the CIC for illegally and blatantly using the red beacon on his official vehicle GA-07-G-5555 in clear defiance of law.


In accordance with the Supreme Court order the Goa Government by a notification issued on 3rd July 2014 notified the list of persons entitled to use the red beacon on their official vehicle. As per that notification only allowed to use the red beacon are the Governor, Chief Minister and Ministers, Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Chief Justice and Judges of the High Court, Leader of Opposition, Advocate General and the Chief Secretary.


As the misuse of the red beacon by Goa's Chief Information Commissioner Prashant Prabhu Tendolkar in defiance of law is being allowed to continue in connivance with some ruling BJP politicians, the Supreme Court of India would be moved next week by way of a Contempt of Court petition to ensure that the rule of law is not allowed to be made a casualty.

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