Friday, February 19, 2016



Lets see if I understand you correctly. You say - Modi can be a lying
rascal. BJP are lying rascals, (of course RSS were the original lying
rascals - who played no part in securing India's "independence"), so
they can all lie to lure voters. Furthermore, while it was definitely
wrong for Indira Gandhi to bend/twist/subvert the rules during
Emergency, but its perfectly OK for Modi/BJP to do so now (in the
national interest) for they are all honorable men (and not a woman in

Everybody who is clued in sees that this present BJP govt is even more
corrupt, divisive unresponsive and opaque than Congress was, and their
"achievements" are only in social media and paid newspapers advts.
BTW, AAP is afflicted by the same problem and there is full blown
megalomania in both these parties.


On 2/19/16, Ravindran P M <> wrote:
> @Vidyut
> I have not heard an even more stupid argument before! BJP is not the first
> to use false election promises to lure voters. In fact even that a legacy
> of the scamgress! And Modi or BJP cannot be expected to wave any magic wand
> to undo these treacherous acts in a jiffy! There is something known as
> playing with existing rules till one can get to change them as per one's
> choice or public needs!
> ravi
> On Sun, Feb 14, 2016 at 1:43 AM, Vidyut <> wrote:
>> @ Ravindran PM
>> I hope you realize you're dumping Vajpayee into the Congress muck.
>> Jokes apart, the point is to measure achievements against claims. No one
>> had forced BJP to make promises it cannot deliver. If it is not possible
>> to
>> "clean 60 years of muck" (as though the country achieved nothing till
>> Modi), then BJP could have promised what it could do - which is the idea
>> of
>> election promises, no? BJP hadn't promised to "clean 60 years of muck" -
>> nor does it seem to even be interested in starting, it had promised
>> specific actions, which it did not deliver, as Aires Rodrigues pointed
>> out.
>> I fail to see the utility of generalizing very specific evaluations into
>> some mumbo jumbo that ends up somehow blaming Congress. If BJP cannot
>> govern a place ruled by Congress before, it might as well quit politics.
>> Vidyut

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