Sunday, February 28, 2016

Re: [IAC#RG] Sorry state of media in India

Dear Purobi
I agree with you. In the name of news they are spreading the view, false reviews and spreading misinformation to people which not only divert attention from main issue but also make people believe on falsehood. Most of so called reporters are misguided and always infer and construe the things far from reality. There is poverty of both knowledge, poverty in journalism, lack of basic knowledge about issue even use the wrong words in reporting. This perhaps suits the ruling party.  
Dr. Ratnakar Gedam  

From: Purobi Ghosh Mohan <>
Sent: Sunday, February 28, 2016 9:39 AM
Subject: [IAC#RG] Sorry state of media in India

Dear friends,

I read and watch with unease the state of media in our country today.

Most of those from the fraternity opine, don't report, with scant research to back them up. They are driven by a herd mentality.

Senior journalists write/speak on issues at random and keep silent on many other critical stories which they should be writing/speaking on. Some are heavily dictated by their publication/channel leanings or their private interests.

The media creates hype at will, distorts stories and gives a handle to those with vested interests. The partisan news and views influence politicians, judiciary and legislating bodies.

I understand that the News Broadcasting Standards Authority (NBSA) is a private body and not a legal entity. The Press Club of India (PCI) is a legal body and but yet to widen scope. The new Press Registration and Books (PRB) Act, also, is yet to be passed. It still runs on the 1867 Act.

Such a situation poses immense threat to the nation and to the populace.

It is necessary to raise our voices against this situation and bring the authenticity of news to an even keel. Something needs to be done.


Purobi Ghosh Mohan

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