Tuesday, December 20, 2016

[IAC#RG] Can nation be trusted in hands of Gujaratis ?

Dear Mr Prodipto Roy

In the poorest states of Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississipi, etc from Detroit  southwards to Pensacola and in deeper rural wheat / cotton areas, very much off the highways, all the Gas Stations (petrol diesel for tractors, cars, crop dusting planes,) and attached pizzerias, small provision (american kiryana) stores are all run by Gujaratis ( a few by Punjabis from rural Punjab). They are regarded as very valuable human assets of an under served community by the locals. When they go home, the community elders insist that they find and send replacements. many families from Charottar (rural anand / Kaira) keep rotating the family every six months from Anand to Montgomery AL.

How is the industrial wasteland of our coal, steel, rail belt, once the richest, most technologically advanced, with so many Leeds and UK educated Bengalis, comparing with the uneducated, avaricious, Gujaratis of Jamnagar, Bhuj, Surat, Rajkot of today?? As I've lived in both areas for decades, I know whom to praise and whom to blame for the sorry state they/ we are in. Is the environment in / around the Barakar and the Subarnarekha better than the one around the Mahi, Sabarmati, Tapti??

Putting any one area of human  endeavour above  all others, is not optimal. But have the non-gujaratis chosen wisely?? Perhaps, only some sub-groups in South India  have gained over Gujaratis by laying great store by specialised technical education.
kamal sharma from Delhi

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In the US every second petrol pump in California, the richest state, and its attached department store is run by Gujaratis,  plus chains of motels. That's about the level their business accumen has taken them to. Putting Artha before every other value (of Dharma, Moksha, etc.) Is their choice. No need to extoll a mixed up Un-Indian set of values or the terrible cost of the greed that had left much of Gujarat impoverished, its rivers poisoned with chemicals, its ecology and natural environment destroyed. And please do not mention Gujarat as the last home of the Asian lion - those noble beings were first protected by the Muslim rulers of yore. BJP doesn't protect them, just uses their survival to make money out of endless streams of tourists.
Joya Roy

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