Friday, December 30, 2016

Re: [IAC#RG] MNCs Enslave People thru Access Denial to Own Money: Interfere in Polity with Ease

Dear Shri Gaur

There is always a lull before a storm, and for every action by NGOs and MNCs and traitors, there is an equal and opposite reaction by India's regulating spirit, which is often not immediately perceived or understood.

It is in times like these that patriots should keep their faith in the fundamental truths of reason and conscience and refuse to permit man, book or image to stand in the way of the direct communion of their souls with the Supreme Guardian of India's destiny (Bharat-Bhagya-Bidhata).

Our Motherland is dear to us, but Religion is dearer, and I, like my ancestors, am a Brahma first and an Indian or Hindu afterwords.

On that auspicious note, I end 2016, compose my mind and await the future and what it brings.

With best wishes to all our members for the New Year 2017 C.E.


Sarbajit Roy

On Fri, Dec 30, 2016 at 1:54 PM, Gaur J K <> wrote:


Dear Sh. S. Roy

I am really surprised that your post of 26/12 has evoked no response so far. I only sent brief comments on 27/12 So I thpugh I shuld further elucidate on the dangerous situation developing in the world through Corporateering and now engulfing India

Historically we have been an inward looking people not caring to know what is happening beyond our borders with the result we were subjected to repeated invasion from the North west and later from South west after Columbus discovered North America instead of India which nation(US) today is setting the world order though their own history is 250 years old. MNCs today are a product of that nation whether you like it or not,fume or fret.

MNCs are predominently US and through them thy try to enslave people and countries. Fronts of these MNCss are NGOs whether it is ford or rockfeller or Bill gates. They try to identify the strength or weaknesses of different countries and use them to further their own interest. They always work with Govt. agencies of respective countries and ostensibly align their inerest with theirs to get social approval of the target country.

Their visible hand is always to improve the lot of the people, their convenience,communication,education,health,security. But the hidden hand is always the profit. Today they have created an impression that cash is a dirty word it is best left to the govt. and the banks to handle it. Because the cash can be used by the terrorist, drug lords and other antisocial element. In other words you have no privacy or right to keep your property or savings as you want. And the Govt. has become the willing tool in their hands. So the banks have become flush with funds and the Govt. can use them as they like to wipe out the deficit,write of the NPAs or funding the Bank which had to do 100000 crore a year for 5 years.

In the process the customers you and I have lost the privacy. All information about you is now avable to the bank and they can further earn money not only selling them to ecommerce companies but any MCS willing to pay for it. In the process they earn trillions as is said in the article by way levying bank charges, reducing rate of deposit for the money you keep in the saving account. In fact there is already a cartel I hear let by the State Bank India for refusing to free the interest payable to depositors from the beginging without caring that the depositors may lose when the rate of inflation is higher than the rate of deposit they give. But now the situation is devloping that perforce you will have to keep your savings in the bank .

And the Govt. is also arming itself with unprecedented powers to conduct raids, confiscate cash and other valuables. It will lead to further litigation and the Govt. which has a dubious distinction of being the largest litigator will further burden the judicial system.

In short your post about MNCs is full of facts as to how things are developing world over and how India is getting sucked into it. Regds

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