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Re: [IAC#RG] Stinging letters from Bank Unions to Jaitley

Dear friends,
I salute your attempt to raise some pertinent question and issues. Being a media professional I have collected a lot of information -  how the corrupt leaders, businessmen, doctor, hospitals, engineers, govt employees, educational institutions  and others have again started hoarding black money in new currency notes. And this is possible only with the help of some  characterless bank employees and officers. So the money intended to be normally distributed among the honest customer of the bank has  found way to the hoarding places of corrupt and characterless self-styled Indian citizens who are originally deserted children of enemy countries. Most of the bank branches are having one or two such white ants as their employees. AND YOU KNOW IT BETTER THAN ME.

Ashok Kumar Panigrahi

On Sat, Dec 24, 2016 at 10:23 AM, Rajinder Dalvi <> wrote:

With the complete failure of Modi Govt. to handle the reckless demonetisation  in transparent and competent way, Bank empoyees across the country are scared that after the 50 days expires their officers will be subjected to wrath of the people.

Indian National Bank Empolyees Federation in a letter dated. 22.12.2016 to Finance Minister has highlighted.

we emphatically like to submit that the Bank employees has been used by the Govt. as a front door bloke to tackle the agitated public who has suffered a lot due to unexpected wave of financial concerns.


In order to tackle the rush over the counter, the employees, in tune with the Ministers /govt. officials' assurances in respect of deposit of banned currency notes in to the depositors account till 30.12.2016 had all along advised the customers to wait for a comparative congenial atmosphere and not to act in haste to deposit banned notes into their accounts.


Now, when the situation has been eased to some extent and the customers are coming to deposit Rs. 500/1000 Notes in their a/c, they are subjected to questioners' by the same persons tackling the customers over the counter and this is really awesome, as the Bank employees are not like Govt. bureaucrats or politicians to change their stand every now and then to suit their convenience.


On the question of dishonesty on the part of the Bank employees, we, for last 10 years are requesting the Govt. of India to fix accountabilities of the Govt. nominated Chairman/EDs of various public sector Banks as they have no service conditions like other employees and we have enough reasons to believe that they have nexus with the sky high NPA's as well as bad debts write-off in the Banking Industry causing enormous damage to our economy. We have no hesitation to say, that the plight of NPA and bad debt write-off are like high mountains in comparison to small mounds of black money which are supposed to be wiped out through demonetisation. Curiously the GOI is tight lipped on the matter and also are not submitting their affidavit to the judiciary as is required before the Hon'ble High court of Mumbai.

As the Bank employees are duty bound to carry on the instructions of the higher authorities, they are being used as a human wall against the dissatisfied mob and on 21.12.2016 they have been assaulted in many parts of the country. It is unfortunate that due to frequent changes in the policy matters, the employees over the counter are themselves bewildered to follow guidelines envisaged by the RBI/GOI. It will not be out of place to mention that the same thing has happened while receiving currency notes printed before 2005 from the customers.


We, through your good office like to request the GOI/RBI to arrive at a mind-set before issuing an instruction concerning demonetisation and also examine the impact and possible reaction of the Banking public to save the Bank employees from the wrath of the common public.


We, further request you to ask the RBI/Head of the PSBs to make a proper plan to cater the need of the common public for withdrawal of their money from their a/c from 01.01.2017 and do the needful, so that Bank employees do not face the wrath of the public like the episode of first week of December 2016.

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Ashok Kumar Panigrahi,Programme Executive,
National Academy of Broadcasting & Multimedia,
All India Radio & Doordarshan,

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