Friday, December 30, 2016

Re: [IAC#RG] PUBLIC NOTICE: India Against Corruption's stand on note demonetisation

Dear Adil

"drivel", "babble" .... ???

Why should we not voice our outrage during the process ? Do you subscribe to that school of thought that propounds that victims of rape be quiet during the act or else they will be murdered as well.

FYI, we are not complaining because things are being done "differently", but because they are done CORRUPTLY. Mr. Modi is not God's gift to the nation or the saviour of India. He is merely a short-sighted politician from a party which is endangering India's security through jingoism, robbing the future of India and the coming generations for the sake of his massive ego and meglomaniac delusions that he is Vivekananda reborn.

On facts:

Is it false that each Rafale plane is going to cost us at about 4 times what it costs the French airforce now that Modi and ADA are involved ?

And should not the Congress's scandalous Rafale deal have been cancelled the moment the BJP came to power, instead of being reworked in this utterly corrupt way ?

And, do you have specific comments over the entire Tejas-Mk1-Mk1A-MK2-Sweden-Gripen-Saab-HAL-DRDO versus ADA-RAFALE syndicates/cartels who are f***ing up the IAF and keeping it deliberately weak and under-powered without aircraft ?

And, why should India fight the USA's war on terror when we have serious and real enemies like China to worry about ?

And, why is the Navy being neglected ?

Since, the poor people of India cannot pay for the sky high corruption involved in all these mega-arms deals which are being rammed through by distracting the people with manufactured TV dramas over trivial little episodes (Uri / Pathankot) and demonetisation; it is for focussed selfless patriotic groups like IAC to keep our eyes firmly on the corruption ball and expose the foreign ideololgy haramis involved who are robbing the nation, and without being distracted.

(And, since you did not ask but there is an elephant in the room, we at IAC believe that Congress and AAP are as equally corrupt, alien to India and incompetent as BJP / Modi are).

Sarbajit Roy

On Sat, Dec 31, 2016 at 12:22 AM, Adil Jal Darukhanawala <> wrote:
Dear Mr Roy,

I haven't heard & read so much drivel on the issue of demonetisation as I have here. 

Keeping passions aside I am of the opinion that learned folk like u have the right to say all & more but not during the process. Maybe I am naive about it but I cannot accept the larceny on the scale you state on the Rafales- less aircraft for the price of the original triple fold quantum? At least let's have some decency about people like us reading so much from so many sides but this Rafale bit I find too much to take, even with a fistful of salt!

I am against corrupt politicos & yes the party which got thrown out by voters was thoroughly corrupt. Let's not have corruption charges be hurled against the present government just because it's doing things DIFFERENTLY! At least make an assessment on this aspect before u blabber that our incumbent PM is corrupt! I am sorry that I used the term 'blabber' but that was for want of something where I didn't want to cross the line & always want to reason rather than be persuaded.

And without belittling your ample defence logic & knowledge the harsh truth is we need around 250 plus fighter aircraft as of yesterday.  

Regards & a very happy new year to you & all on this group.


On Sat, 31 Dec 2016 at 12:01 AM, Sarbajit Roy <> wrote:
Dear Shri Sardesai,

I am a common and humble person, certainly not a black-marketeer or corrupt, and I am making a noise.

I am making a noise because from being someone who badly wanted demonetisation of these fake notes to save the nation, I have seen the way this incompetent BJP Govt headed by your completely corrupt hero Narendra Modi has badly bungled up what should have been a routine administrative exercise of RBI to weed out fake notes and replace them with genune ones.

Far from being a scheme to remove fake notes from our economy, Mr. Modi &Co. have corruptly seen to it that lakhs of crores of fake notes have been pumped into the economy in garb of demonetisation to convert fakes into genuine notes to bail out the corrupt capitalists, the judges and netas and their cohorts cutting across party lines whose black money dissolved in the crash of 2008.

In other words the banking system has been used as a washing machine to launder money for Mr. Modi's friends and keep Mr. Modi in Armani suits and Jimmy Choo boots for perpetuity.

A simple back of envelope calculation will show that when it costs Rs. 4 per very good quality fake Rs.500  (Mr. Doval can attest to this because this was the rate IB was buying similar fake Paki notes from that Swiss company) and it is a business with 25,000% p.a. profit even if the notes are redeemed in 6 months, and which is why all the old notes (plus a little bit more) have come back to India like Modi and Ramdev promised and are being quickly compacted.into shredded bricks by the RBI before anyone discovers that 25% of returned notes (worth about Rs. 3 lakh crores) are fakes.

Do you think that we at India Against Corruption are idiots that we don't see that each and every statement told to you brainwashed NaMo bhakts is a lie by the magicians pulling off this Great Indian rope trick.

PS: Does anybody still recall that the despised Congress was getting us 127 Rafale jet fighters for the price Mr. Modi is getting us only 36 now that Anil Ambani is the "Make in India" partner. If the planes are being given in fly-away-condition what is there to be made in India ? And why is the outgoing IAF cheif squeaking that we need 200 more Rafale jets, especially when we can't afford it.


Sarbajit Roy

On Fri, Dec 30, 2016 at 8:41 PM, vasant sardesai <> wrote:
What a negative mentality? Who says that the common man has suffered? In fact the common men have welcomed and appreciated the demonetization.On the other hand those black marketeers and corupt only are making noises They weere shocked because they never got a chance to manipulate their black moneys and that is why all this Halla-Gulla.

V. S. Sardesai

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On Friday, 30 December 2016 7:46 PM, "" <> wrote:

It is pathetic to note that a Himalayan economic blunder is being glossed over by political rhetoric. Question of Nehruvian and Modivian does not matter when we talk of human suffering. Is it not possible to raid each and every black money hoarder, like top beaurocrats, politician, educational merchants, corporate housesrealtors, etc.without demonetisation? Why not no BJP man targeted? Is Modi above corruption?

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