Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Re: [IAC#RG] Bullet Train and Shivaji Statue.

The proposed bullet train from Ahmedabad to Mumbai will cost 100,000 crores (one lac crores).

The proposed Shivaji statue is going to cost 3600 crores (three thousand six hundred crores).

Instead of making bullet train the money can be better utilised for:

i). Improving existing rail tracks and the signalling system. Every other day we hear about trains getting derailed or meeting with accidents. They can also instal powerful fog lights on the engines for smooth running of trains.

ii). Introducing more number of Shatabadi trains connecting more number of places.

iii). Metro rail system in various cities to improve Public Transport Systems to control pollution.

The money to be spent on Shivaji's statue can be better spent to make shelters for the homeless and roofless people.

BJP's priorities are wrong.

Having bullet train will only benefit the rich. Poor people won't derive any benefit from it. The rich can always travel by air. It is to benefit people like Ambanis and Adanis.

If my neighbor buys a Merc which I can ill afford, I won't take loan to buy one and get into debt.

"Ghar mein nahin daney, Amma chali bhunane".


MG Kapoor

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