Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Re: [IAC#RG] Cyclone Vardah, internet collapse exposes plastic money

Dalvi ji

To help you better connect the dots about the well orchestrated Gujarati conspiracy to cheat the honest people of the rest of India

3 Feb 2015 : What binds Reliance Industries, SBI in their payments bank alliance

"But it all depends on how the RBI decides to dole out the licences."

1 July 2016 :
RIL, SBI sign shareholder agreement for payments bank JV

16 August 2016
: SBI-RIL payments bank may be launched only after Jio rollout

1 December 2016 : Reliance Jio Payments Bank was formed within 2 days of demonetisation:


13 Oct 2016 : SBI's Arundhati Bhattacharya in race for top World Bank job

An official at the Prime Minister's Office said on condition of anonymity that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has agreed to the candidature of Bhattacharya.
In return for India helping Washington in ensuring a second term to the incumbent president Jim Yong Kim, this post was offered to us. We will be backing her candidature," a finance ministry official said.

BTW: I don't believe that all Gujaratis should be blamed for the misdeeds of a few rotten apples among them.


On Thu, Dec 15, 2016 at 8:36 AM, Rajinder Dalvi <> wrote:
Cyclone Vardah knocked out NIXI's Chennai internet gateway connecting India to Singapore and Far-East.
Internet services all accross India were affected.

In Chennai it is near total collapse of internet and mobile infrastructure which is slowly limping back. However, violence started breaking out at fuel pumps as debit / credit cards could not be processed. Banks and Hospitals were not functioining, very few have new cash. Last time this happened in December 2015 people could manage because they had cash, this year Cyclone Vardah has exposed the hollowness of Modi's digital money drive which is built upon temporary mobile towers which can be sealed or knocked out by nature.

Already sensible people are calling for a return to metal based real economy with real money backed by gold or by gold itself, and where Central Banks are not allowed to print excess paper money to finance loan theft or to keep piling on plastic credit debts like the bankrupt Western economy model which our allegedly "personally involved in corruption" PM Modi is selling as his demonetisation resultant acche din formula.

RP Dalvi

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