Thursday, December 15, 2016

Re: [IAC#RG] Remonetisation

There are regular reportings in Daily Newspapers of huge amounts of cash being unearthed in various parts of India.Business interests are on the run.There are many ways the old scrap notes are being turned white through advance payments to salaried staff. If only all political heads irrespective of party affiliation had supported the laudable move things would have brought a much tolerable picture instead of despair. They are the loudest whom many feels have hidden interest.
Enough is enough. Someone sometime had to be bold to take this hard decision. Once taken the decision it is for the Government machinery to ensure that it causes little tolerable difficulties to the masses. 
IT , CBi, Enforcement Agencies through their intelligence network are in the knowledge of categories of people whom they should strike to achieve large scale exposures. In the management parlance all energy to be focussed on such filthy rich men- anti national people.People should be apprised of the results in  regular means.
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